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What about bisexual marriage?

Would they need to change the law on Bigamy?

Bisexual people like both men and women, so theoretically for full 'gender' equality they would have to allow unions of three or more people. By assuming people are either 'gay' or 'straight' they are totally ignoring the condition of bisexuality. If they did legalise such unions they also would have to change the law on Bigamy by default, thereby voiding the redefined definition of marriage. In other words the only way that marriage could logically be between two people is in heterosexual cases because if they pursue gender equality they will have to provide measures for bisexuals.

It's interesting how little anybody bangs on about their 'rights' isn't it? Perhaps because it highlights the inherent perversion in all of this.

This needs to be pointed out to bring some common sense into the debate?


CUT - Perhaps bisexual marriage could be called a 'chain reaction' marriage. For if a bisexual man wanted to marry both a man and a woman to fulfil his 'gender' equality 'rights' then if the woman in the marriage is also bisexual she would also want to marry a woman as well and so on. If they changed the law on Bigamy to give equality to bisexual 'gender' rights then this would have to apply to heterosexual people as well!

So called 'Gay' marriage is unworkable.






How 'Gay' marriage will destroy Marriage

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