Why not give the TV licence fee to a Catholic charity - whee it can do some good.

Here are a few ideas:


Aid to the Church In Need Ignored by the BBC and other broadcasters the Church is suffering in many countries today even producing many priest, nun, and lay martyrs.Http://www.acnuk.org

12 - 14 Benhill Avenue, Sutton SM1 4DA. Tel: 020 8642 8668

Lanherne Franciscan Convent The nuns of this convent need you donations to buy their convent, please send your donations to:

Lanherne Franciscan Convent, St Mawgan, Newquay, Cornwall.

Cardinal Winnings Pro-Life initiative giving mothers and their babies a chance

104 Albert Road, Glasgow, G42 8DR. Tel: 0141 433 2680 http://cardinalwinningprolifeinitiative.wordpress.com/

EWTN (St Clare Media Ltd) PO Box 913, Enfield EN2 0WY. Tel 020 8350 2542. http://www.ewtn.co.uk/ If you have given up the TV why not redirect the licence fee to EWTN the Global Catholic Television station?

For EWTN Ireland St. Brigid Media Ltd PO Box 352, Limerick, Ireland..tel Ireland: 00353 61 394400


Give the TV licence fee to a Catholic charity -

where it can do some good

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Give the TV licence fee to a Catholic charity

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