Today the whole world is groaning under the weight of homosexuality

By Dominic Casey – Dublin, March 2014

It seems gay rights is the No 1 Priority. Ireland is to hold a referendum on whether Ireland should legalise same sex marriage in 2015. The newspapers polls tell us that the population is approx 4 to 1 in favour of same sex marriage, so they tell us it will be a landslide in favour of it. Though all may be not lost, Ireland had a referendum a few months ago; the government wanted to abolish the upper house, the Oireachtas, (the equivalent of the house of Lords) so the government could have more power. The polls were telling us it would be a landslide victory for the government. However, on the day the government lost the vote.
The media haven’t been slow to make their mark. It has been saturation coverage, overwhelmingly in favour of the homosexual agenda. It reminds me of what saint Irenaeus said about the Arians, ‘the whole world groaned under Arianism’. Today the whole world is groaning under the weight of homosexuality. Programme after programme is given over to the homosexual agenda, lead topics on the main news promoting it. Some instances that spring to mind: Someone put a leaflet in Galway University stating that homosexuals could find healing through prayer. There was uproar from the homosexual lobby. Can you imagine that this was a main item on the one o clock news? RTE had the homosexual spokesman on, stating their case that they didn’t need healing. It turned out that it had been a member of the Legion of Mary who had left the leaflet there without the approval of the Curia. The Legion apologised for it, though I don’t think they had to. The ‘book show’ which has had people on reviewing books two weeks ago had a show and every book being reviewed was about homosexuality, and was being reviewed by homosexuals. I could go on and on.  

RTE have been lined up for some more bruising as well. RTE’s Liveline, presented by Joe Duffy, has fallen foul of the broadcasting authority of Ireland (BAI). Last summer they demonstrated bias against a priest on their show. A case was brought to the BAI and was upheld against Joe Duffy. Last week again a case was upheld by the BAI against Joe Duffy; in this case persons on the show claimed that the Bishop of Meath had stated that people were not to comfort bereaved people at funerals. This remark went unchallenged by Joe Duffy and he wouldn’t give those who were trying to correct this representation an airing. This ruling has surprised many Catholics; not that the Catholics didn’t have a case but that the BAI has actually ruled in favour of them, where in past cases they had ruled against Catholics. But the case was so clear cut the BAI had little option.
You may have heard of pure in heart (PIH). They are a catholic group that promote chastity through various means. One way is through giving presentations in Catholic secondary schools, talking about the value of chastity. RTE did a hatchet job on them. If ever there was a blatant case of bias, bigotry even, this was it. After one PIH presentation RTE moved in; they interviewed about five youths about their views on the presentation. They didn’t agree with it, they said. It went against their views, they were constrained to be there, they said PIH shouldn’t be discouraging condoms. They were also told that abortions induce breast cancer, - So PIH were scaremongering and following their own agenda. RTE were also giving the account of some parents who were against Pure in Heart promoting chastity. RTE painted a wholly negative picture of what PIH were doing. Bear in mind that this is a Catholic school and was doing no more than giving Catholic teaching. This item went on for a half hour whereas other items normally only get a 10-20 minute slot. There was only one instance where they gave some air time to a woman who approved of it. The reporter stated (obviously to stave of charges of bias) that he had looked for young people who had agreed with the talk but he couldn’t find any. Rubbish! They said that they had invited PIH on to the show but they didn’t take up the offer. PIH did send in a statement saying that they always gave consent forms to the school to give to the pupils to be signed by parents. PIH stated they were speaking in Catholic schools and only giving Catholic teaching in the areas of sexual morality, and their presentations were always backed up by medical research and statistics. The show was bombarded with people approving of what PIH were doing and stating that it was badly needed. The presenter Sean O’Rourke had to concede that the texters were overwhelmingly in favour of what PIH were doing. RTE are clearly out of touch with the people.  The whole Sochi effect has been coming out. They are coming out of the woodwork with the charge being led by the media. This has not been without its controversies. 

And now a story with some twists. A few weeks ago on ‘the Saturday night show’ a gay comedian drag artist, Rory O’Neill, levelled accusations at a Catholic group known as the Iona institute, a Catholic think tank. He called them Homophobes. When egged on by the presenter to mention names he mentioned John Waters and Breda O’Brien. Both contribute to the Iona Institute; both also write for the Irish Catholic and also both are columnists with the Irish Times. He went unchallenged. The Iona Institute asked RTE for an apology, simply for an apology. None was forthcoming. RTE refused flatly to offer an apology. The Iona institute instigated legal proceedings. Then on legal advice RTE capitulated and handed over 85,000 euros to the Iona Institute as an out of court settlement. They had been burnt once already by the Fr Kevin Reynolds affair. The amazing thing about this is, politician after politician lined up in the Dail (Parliament) to condemn RTE for making this payout. It was a case of free speech and people should be entitled to it, according to them.  Admittedly this was the lefties. John Waters was also a member of the BAI and soon after resigned his post. He probably would have come in for much criticism for his decisions after this, - he would have been accused of making partial decisions if he found that the BAI had to rule against RTE.  A loss of a much needed Catholic voice among the BAI. Amazingly RTE invited the drag artist back again a week later on to the Miriam on Sunday radio show where he made the same remarks again only this time he didn’t name names. Meanwhile the Iona Institute are receiving hate mail and threats. Breda O’Brien has also been interviewed by RTE where she gives her account of the situation on the Marion Finucane show Sat 23rd Feb.  To put the cherry on the cake; enter minister for Communications Mr Pat Rabbitte. He was outraged that RTE had paid out this money to the Iona Institute, claiming that they were well able to dish out abuse but not able to take it. So much outraged was he that he wants to change the law so that RTE can cause offence and get away with it. Currently the broadcasting act states, that the broadcaster shall not cause offence to persons. He said he is going to change the law to, ‘the broadcaster shall not cause undue offence.’ The ‘undue’ will give the broadcaster all the wriggle room they want to cause offence and get away with it. Fascist or what?

How far we have come away from what St Patrick has bequeathed to us.


St Patrick pray for us.

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Irish TD for media Pat Rabbitte says those who do not watch TV are Cavemen

14th Prayer Crusade against abortion in Ireland

RTE’s support for Abortion

RTE being its usual biased self and spreading its dissent

RTE has been its usual biased self here are a few example that come to hand. There has been an international Symposium of medical Professionals in Dublin. This was ignored by RTE last month because it didn’t like it pro-life conclusions while at the same time they were reporting on their news bulletins that contraception had saved the lives of 250,000 last year. Reporting on a lancet report. This was highlighted in each bulletin not mentioning the fact that the lancet journal has had many articles station the opposite. How they arrived at this 250,000 saved is anybodies guess.
                On October 26th “Morning Ireland” programme RTE1 reporting on Irish funds misappropriated in Uganda one of the questions the presenter Rachel English put to an Irish government spokesperson was, ‘how can you give humanitarian funds to the Ugandan Government [to save lives], (my own addition) when the Ugandan Government doesn’t allow homosexuality’. This question I thought was so twisted and betrayed a twisted logic at the station. In other words we should withhold this charity ad and let hungry children starve or die of hunger until the nation gets into Sodomy.
                Of course the government spokesperson said they were negotiations with Ugandan government and doing everything they could to bring about human rights. (Coercing the Ugandan government to embrace Sodomy) if they wish to receive funds.
                Another programme on RTE Radio 2 is “Money goes Wild” presented by Derek Mooney starting at 3pm. He is ‘Gay’ and presents a programme which muddles wild life talking about animals and plants. It has a wide listenership of about 375,000. At this particular time of the day there are young children and youth tuned into its listening stories about cats and dogs and the behaviours of owls etc. Then in the middle of this will come an interview with a gay Person on Gay matter or with some other person on Gay matters it is really crass. I don’t know how RTE are getting away with it. It’s a very subtle form of introduction to the gay life style to innocent young children. The incidents of such anti-Christian broadcasting go on. Maybe there should be an international Symposium on the detrimental effects of TV
                Other small matters concerning media are here is Ireland in Dublin there is a small group called the St Genesivs club about once a month they have a film of some moral interest and there has been one film shown that was actually a play written by Pope John Paul II. There have also been many modern popular films such as one with a pro-life theme. On the death penalty etc, with refreshments and discussion afterwards into all free. It’s a good initiative using the media.
                Another recent development is the Iona institute. It’s a Christian think tank founded by David Quinn a former editor of the Irish Catholic and the Irish Independent. He is constantly on RTE shows putting across the Catholic Christian point of view on moral issues.

By Dominic Casey in Dublin


Support the No vote in the Irish Family referendum – The mainstream Irish media and the government want a yes vote

Many families have moved to Ireland because it is a bastion of family values. In Ireland unlike many European countries the family is especially protected by law. This is not the case in the UK for instance where social services can intervene and even remove children. The ruse here is they are to give the child so called human rights. A child needs protection, we ask who would do this best the state or the family? The record as we have seen recently regarding children’s homes and Jimmy Savile is that the family is the best place for a child. Below is a Press Release from Human Life International (Ireland) dated 12th October 2012 –

"EVERY child will be a candidate for State confiscation via the forced adoption provision (Article 42A2:1 and 42A:2:3) irrespective of the "marital status" of the parents.   Removal of the present Article 42:5 and its replacement by the proposed Article 42A massively empowers State intervention upon EVERY family.  The scene is set for cases heard in secret family courts "in-camera" - behind closed doors.  Parents will be gagged and prevented from speaking out. See to see what is happening in the U.K. where Mrs Fitzgerald trained as a social worker."   

 Those outside of Ireland might like to contact the Irish Minister Mrs Fitzgerald via email

RTE in Hot Water

RTE is in hot water at the moment. A few months ago it broadcast a programme 'primetime' something akin to Panorama where they accused a catholic priest Fr Kevin Reynolds of Raping a woman in Kenya and fathering a child by her. In consequence Fr Reynolds was suspended from priestly ministry. It has turned out that these were false allegations. Fr Reynolds asked Rte to rectify the matter but Rte were having none of it they stood over the claims and wre not going to rectify the matter.
            Fr Reynolds threatened legal action and eventually Rte backed down and had to admit that the claims were false. An out of court settlement was made The editor in chief of news and editor in chief of current affairs have had to stand down pending an Rte inquiry as did an Rte presenter. Fr reynolds to has demanded an investigation as to who made these allegations. How willy nilly such a serious charge was made against the church.
           Thank God some justice is been done.


RTE - The Late Late Show – Senator David Norris – and “classic paedophilia”

A leading contender for the Presidency of Ireland was David Norris who is an outspoken activist for the Homosexual Lobby and an openly practicing Homosexual, he is a member of the senate this would be probably the equivalent of the English House of Lords. He was contesting the election and was forced to pull out when his election team withdrew from his campaign after it became known that he had written a letter of support to an Israeli court for his then 'lover' who was being tried in an Israeli court for raping a 15 year old boy. Basically using his political office to influence a court. When this became known he had to resign from the campaign, due largely to the fact that his election team resigned. He is now seeking to restart his campaign since this letter emerged about a month ago. There are a few other things to throw in to the mix as well. He gave an interview in 2002 the following is a commentary on it.

A Presidential Candidate’s ‘Ministry of Truth’: David Norris’s campaign for president has little or nothing to say about “gay” issues. No doubt, his media advisors have ordered him to avoid anything connected to religion and sexuality, above all never to resort to name-calling, which is Norris’ habitual way of responding to those who disagree with him. So, can we expect this candidate for the presidency to appear with a few Catholic bishops? I doubt it, if for no other reason than his offensive comments about the present pope. His gung-ho manner of expressing his views—on just about everything—are a mite embarrassing, now that he is presenting himself as the nation’s benevolent uncle. Two of these indiscretions come to mind.
                On March 27, 2006, David Norris compared Pope Benedict XVI to Hitler, because of the Church’s position on homosexual behaviour. He stated that he would refuse to take “moral instructions from a man with a swastika on his arm”, alluding to the fact that Josef Ratzinger was forced to become a member of the Hitler Youth in 1941 during World War II and later served as a soldier in the closing months of the conflict. “Pope Benedict XVI joined the Hitler Youth and was in it for a number of years. This was not compulsory as he himself has acknowledged. I have read a statement of his in which he indicated that he did so in order to acquire certain educational privileges that assisted him with his studies for the priesthood.” (Stated in Christ Church Cathedral, May 17, 2006 and repeated in interview with the blog, United Irelander, May 31, 2006). Where did Norris get this twisted story?
From December 1939, membership of the Hitler Youth was required by law for all 14-year-old German boys. Ratzinger enrolled but was able to avoid participation in the group’s activities because of his special studies. Even an unsympathetic source like rejected as nonsense the accusation that the young Ratzinger in any way supported the Nazi regime.
Norris has, unsurprisingly, exceptionally strong views on the Catholic Church’s standpoint on homosexuality and civil partnerships. He referred to the current Pope as “Pope Benedict Nazinger” and accuses him of being the man who kept the lid on the Church’s child abuse scandals that swept the US and Ireland a few years ago, according to Roger Wheeler, “Face to Face with Senator David Norris”,, March 27, 2011.
In a letter to a query, the Senator wrote, “I never stated that Pope Benedict was a Nazi. I did make a comment that he as a young student was enrolled into the Hitler Youth, as were most young people living in Germany at that time.” Memory’s tricks are most remarkable, are they not?

The Re[Dis]Membered Magill Interview Another of David Norris’ indiscretions was contained in an interview with Helen Lucy Burke and written up in Magill, a magazine no longer published (“David Norris: The Free Radical”, Interview by Helen Lucy Burke. Magill Magazine, January 2002, pp 34-36). Knowing Norris’ well-publicised libertarian views, she asked him if he was in favour of “free-range sexuality” and where he would draw the line. He replied that he favoured maximum freedom for people “to make any choices they liked” and quickly brought up the subject of paedophilia—“There’s a lot of nonsense about paedophilia.” And then,
In terms of classic paedophilia, as practised by the Greeks for example, where it is an older man introducing a younger man or boy to adult life, I think there can be something to be said for it… Now again, this is not something that appeals to me, although when I was younger it would most certainly have appealed to me in the sense that I would have greatly relished the prospect of an older, attractive, mature man taking me under his wing, lovingly introducing me to sexual realities, and treating me with affection and teaching me about life—yes, I think that would be lovely; I would have enjoyed that. But I think there is complete and utter hysteria about this subject, and there is also confusion between ... paedophilia and pederasty...” [David Norris clarified this later, explaining that genital sexual penetration of juveniles of either sex would be inappropriate and harmful]... Of course, there is a whole spectrum. In my opinion, the teacher, or Christian Brother, who puts his hand into a boy’s pocket during a history lesson, that is one end of the spectrum. But then there is another: there is the person who attacks children of either sex, rapes them, brutalises them, and then murders them. But the way things are presented here it’s almost as if they were all exactly the same and I don’t think they are, and I have to tell you this—I think that the children in some instances are more damaged by the condemnation than by the actual experience.
Ms Burke commented, “...I found some of his views on sexual matters deeply disturbing—notably on sex with minors...” And later, “The right of unfettered sexual activity guided by the principle of mutual consent would be Norris’s perception of the way things should be, with a bar only on intimidation, bullying or bribery. He did not appear to endorse any minimum age or entertain any protest that a child was not capable of informed consent. ‘The law in this sphere should take in to account consent rather than age’, he said. When I asked about incest, he hesitated, and concluded that in the case of girls a case could be made for a ban, as possible resulting pregnancy might be genetically undesirable” (added italics). In recent weeks, Norris offered a response to the Magill article ( He first puts down the journalist, calling Helen Lucy Burke “a restaurant critic and columnist”. (Poor dear, she was out of her depth.) In fact, Burke was prominent in the Women’s Rights movement, worked as a freelance journalist before specialising as a restaurant critic, and has written on politics and social issues in Ireland. In other words, she is a competent journalist, and, however sympathetic to Norris, retained her own judgment.
                He then takes refuge in what might be called “academic licence”, declaring loftily that “Miss Burke and I got into an academic discussion about classical Greece and sexual activity in a historical context; it was a hypothetical, intellectual conversation which should not have been seen as a considered representation of my views on some of the issues discussed… the references to sexuality…  were taken out of context in other media outlets.” This is simply untrue, as you will see by reading the whole article (to be found in ILAC Centre’s library, Dublin 1, or a copy from the F&L office). The subject was the senator’s current views on intergenerational sex, and he was not quoted out of context. Indeed, the points he made are commonly found in the writings of those who defend intergenerational sex.
It seems to me that Norris could find a job in the Ministry of Truth. Unquote So where would you think this person was ranking in the polls. Wrong, he was way out in front leading all the other candidates by double figures. What does this tell you about Irish society/people today as if we didn’t have enough problems as it is. The point he is also trying to make is the cosy relationship this person and his views has with the media. The soft Glove treatment he’s been getting. How the media is ever ready to sweep peadophilia under the carpet when it’s one of their own. He’s been praised throughout the political class even after these letters and article became known. One rule for Catholics and another for your liberal friends. Pray that this person will be frustrated yet again in his endeavours to aspire to the highest office in the Land so that Arus an Uchtarain won’t be defiled by him and his lover co-habiting there.

Quoted from Family and Life Dublin 

By the Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Rita in Dublin


Is the Irish abuse problem being use for secular ends?

The reporting on the sex abuse crises in the Catholic Church in Ireland and Britain by RTE and the BBC has made it seem like this is just a Catholic problem. However, this is far from the truth for in Britain there are 60 cases of child abuse reported to the athorities every day, hardly any of these cases involve Catholics. This is a crisis of modern world, for child sex abuse appears in every walk and every institution of society. There are in fact just as many problems in other religions. However, it is just the Catholic Church that is highlighted. Is this not incitement to religious hatred/ hatred of religion or should this be really be called an incitement to hatred of Catholicism? Many in the media are happy to quote the vindictive diatribe of atheists like Richard Dawkins. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury got in on the act but has he forgotten scandals at Llandaff cathedral?

Dr Pravin Thevathasan in his CTS booklet, the Sex abuse Crisis asks, “Why this level of hatred?” Like CUT he has come to the conclusion that it’s the “Unwelcome moral teachings” of the Catholic Church that they are really attacking. It is the Pro-Life, Pro-Traditional moral values that they really don’t like. He makes no excuse however for anyone in the Church who abuse children.

The Irish government have in recent months criticized the Church but are the really trying to deflect peoples attention from their own failed policies? CUT co-founder Dominic Casey who is Irish and now lives in Dublin says that “Even the economy doesn’t work out when you put the economy in first place. People don’t reflect on what is really important.” As for RTE, are they trying to be more secular than the BBC and in the process have lost their own identity? They seem to care little about the heroic actions of Irish Catholics in proclaiming the Gospel around the English speaking world.

For an excellent explanation of the sex abuse crisis we recommend Dr Thevathasan CTS booklet “The Catholic Church & the Sex Abuse Crisis”. Go to the Catholic Truth Society on line.


RTE’s Middle Class, Elitist Ghetto of Dublin 4

By Dominic Casey in Dublin

(from the CUT newsletter of spring/summer 2007)

You could write a book or even volumes on the effect the television has had on the Irish People. The main Irish broadcasting network RTE is situated in Donnybrook, Dublin 4. It is a well to do area. There is now a term ‘The Dublin 4 set’ and ‘the Dublin 4 mentality’. Dublin 4 meaning RTE. The ‘Dublin 4 set’ would consist of high earners and the upper middle class. They would be out of university. They would be of a liberal mindset and all that would suggest. Anti-Catholic or at least indifferent to church issues, especially on morality. This would be the type that would hold sway in RTE. So this is the message that would be continuously transmitted from there. No doubt there are good church abiding people working at RTE but they would be the minority and in less influential positions. Dònnacha O’Dualing of 'Failte Isteach' fame would probably be of this latter type.
                However, we may be witnessing the destruction of Irish Culture itself. Ireland was once known as the most Catholic country in Europe and Celtic Catholicism had its own particular ethnicity that permeated every strand of Irish society.
                The media has been to the fore in Church bashing regarding the scandals. That the abuses have been highlighted and brought out into the open is not such a bad thing. But the media and RTE in particular threw out the baby with the bath water. When the scandals broke there was a decrease in church attendance. And everything about the Church was painted black. In doing this they are destroying the soul of Irish culture. Dublin is now indistinguishable from any big ‘British city’ with loud ruckus behaviour and bad manners. Where once they was a gentle sparkle in the eyes of young Irish children raised on the Sacraments and the Rosary there is now only the dull blankness archived by hours of daily TV and computer viewing.
                People tune into the popular chat shows for their daily diet of gossip and opinion. Foremost among them would be ‘The Late Late Show’ on Friday night with Pat Kenny and his daily radio show on RTE 1. There is the Gerry Ryan show on Radio RTE 2. Ryan is unashamedly liberal who enjoys constantly having a swipe at the Church. The nature and content of his show is very dissolute and he enjoys a wide listenership. This obviously all impacts on society.
                In the case of the television (as has been pointed out in CUT’s Autumn 06 issue), it desensitises the beta waves of the left hemisphere of the brain, which would deal with information logically. This inevitably makes the person a prey to the standards that are presented to him.
                RTE has constantly come under criticism for its biased and unfair handling of moral issues in its current affairs programmes. I would say Ireland would be not much different than Britain in how it has been affected by television. In the past twenty years church attendances has dropped by a good bit. Divorce has been introduced. Marriage break-ups are up. Co-habitation is the norm, teenage pregnancies are up, Condom sales have been introduced and there has been the inevitable increase in S.T.D.S. Has the television influenced Irish society? You decide.

Irish TV Protest:

Recently a dissatisfied customer decided to register his complaint to R.T.E. He drove his car through the front barriers. Drove through the front door of the building, while the Late Late Show was going on. - That’s complaining Irish style!


Irish Broadcaster RTE fails to support the Pope’s visit The Irish pro-Life and Family organisation Family and Life reports that while there was a gradual warming of UK based broadcasters to the Pope’s visit to Britain the Irish broadcaster RTE remained hostile for most of the time. It is such a shame that Ireland and the Irish, which did so much to preserve Catholicism in the English speaking world, should be plagued by such a bigoted broadcaster. Irish CUT supporters have often complained about the extremely hostile nature of RTE towards the Church. One of RTE’s recent ruses was to call on the Irish to boycott Sunday Mass because one lady decided to show “The Church” and called for a boycott over women priests. It failed to materialise, of course; you can’t fool the Irish people even if they have a foolish broadcaster.




CUT Ireland

'Being pro-abortion is a core value of the BBC' (Robin Aitken, BBC reporter for 25 years)

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