Should television carry a health warning?

We believe the TV is nasty and bad and even damages people’s health.

Ten reasons why, like cigarettes, we believe the TV should display health warnings on the screen and be read aloud before each programme:

1)The Tv damages children's health
Young children should not be exposed to TV at all for it affects chlid brain development. Mediacal research has exposed the link between ADHA (Attention Deficit hyperactivity Disordor) and television watching.

3) The TV and violence in society
After the arrival of TV in any society, there is always a surge in violence, even killing and rape.

4) The TV and abortion
The BBC’s sexwise website gives abortion advise, together with its partner the IPPF.

5) The TV sexualises society
Young girls are reaching puberty at least 4 years earlier than before the arrival of the TV.

6) The TV pollutes people’s minds
What happens on the TV soon happens in society, dramas that show happily married couples with loving families do not make good TV. The soaps and most dramas depict fornication, adultery, anger, backbiting, scheming, lying, sex and violence, which have all become common in society.

7) The TV and brainwashing
There is a law banning Hypnotism on TV. For it was proved in the fifties that the medium of television lends itself too easily to hypnotism.  Therefore, it is not surprising the effect TV has had on society is akin to brainwashing. No wonder Mao Tse Tung wanted one in every Chinaman’s home.

8) The TV and Catholicphobia
It is in the self-interest of the politically correct, ‘pro-choice’ elite of TV land to develop Catholophobia, for the teachings of the Church are the opposite to what makes ‘good’ TV. We believe if the TV followed the teachings of Jesus there would be no AIDS and a gentler society.

9) The TV wastes huge amounts of time
The average of four hours TV viewing per night is equal to over 12 years of a person’s life.

10) The TV and blasphemy - the most damaging of all

One of the most common places to find blasphemy is on TV, from taking of the Lord’s Name in vain to programmes on Jesus and his Church, which destroys people’s spiritual health.



The TV is the greatest health scandal of our age

Being pro-abortion is a core value of the BBC (Robin Aitken, BBC reporter for 25 years)

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