What is the real reason why the BBC are gunning for the

Barclay Brothers?

The BBC Panorama programme on the 17th of December was on the Barclay Brothers and called ‘The Tax Haven Twins’. This was a strange mishmash of a documentary exposé and it lacked any real substance but tried desperately hard to pin something on the Barclay Brothers and failed. The whole programme degenerated into what looked more like a vendetta by the BBC who once again appear to be misusing their power.

The BBC admitted during the programme that the Barclay Brothers are not doing anything illegal! So what is the problem? The Barclay Brothers manage to legally lower their tax bill but have more than made up for the tax by donating to charities. Wouldn’t every Catholic like to donate his abortion funding tax to a charity of his own choice so we say good luck to the Barclay brothers. The BBC never really do anything that goes against their left-liberal agenda. So we ask why are they really gunning for the Brothers could it be that they own a newspaper that actually tries to print the truth about British society, politics and even the BBC? But perhaps the real reason why the BBC and its allies at the Guardian hate the Barclay brothers so much is that they are powerful media savvy Catholics? In the end Panorama’s main accusation against the Barclay brothers seemed to be that they are shy and do not like publicity.

Time to pay £185,000 Compensation to all BBC victims

The BBC were very quick to settle on £185,000 compensation to Lord McAlpine for wrongly implicating him in child abuse by Newsnight. We say good, it is far better to spend the TV licence fee on compensation to victims than BBC output. Let’s hope they are equally as quick in paying compensation to the victims of child abuse on BBC premises. Or those who have been abused by BBC employees anywhere for the BBC gave these celebrities a platform to become famous and influential. Therefore the BBC is guilty by association particularly as so many people at the BBC knew what was going on.

It is a far better use of the licence fee to pay compensation to victims who have had their lives blighted by BBC celebrities than make their often bias television and radio programmes. CUT has also been contacted by many innocent Catholics who have been verbally abused after anti-Catholic programmes on the BBC. This abuse can happen in the workplace in social groups even by non Catholic in-laws.



The media and politicians prepare to undermine the family

Why is it that the United Nations and the European Union are so interested in subverting the traditional family? The answer is very simple: they want there to be political control over the bringing up of children. There are forces within every government who believe that in the future humanity must be sanitised into a politically correct homogeneous entity that thinks and acts in a way their secular governments find convenient. The way to do this effectively, they believe, is to champion the human rights of children. If children are not being brought up the way they want they would like the power to intervene and even take children away from their families and foster them in families they approve of. They will cite the perceived high levels of child abuse in families; however, this is a ruse for the main source of child abuse in families is from step parents. Family breakdown caused by the secular/sexualising media leading public and political opinion: - this is what has really happened.
                Therefore the secularisers believe: the more state control over the family, the better. Perhaps one day everyone who wants to start or keep a family will need to sit an examination and if you fail what then? The taking away of your children and sterilisation? or is this over the top and scare mongering? But before you dismiss these thoughts just think is happening with ‘Gay’ marriage, ‘Gay’ adoption and IVF conceived children from surrogate mothers becoming the ‘norm’.

Why the national public service broadcasters are undermining the family
Despite the occasional spat between the secularising governments and the national public service broadcasters like the BBC and RTE there is usually very little between them. They work in tandem to undermine natural law and at the same time proclaim that this is for the greater good. But the greater good is not the Common Good that Catholics believe in. The common good holds that everyone no matter how strong or weak is of equal value because we are all created in the likeness of God. The greater good is the concept of the far right and the survival of the fittest. Is it not strange that the greater good is now also so often expounded by so called liberals, atheists and the modern media particularly that part of the media paid for by a compulsory tax? This is why abortion is so readily accepted and way the Coalition for Marriage has yet to reach a million signatures (600,000 is only one percent of the population). Why is this? Is it because the major broadcasters have spent the last 40 years undermining the traditional family and supporting the rights of homosexuals? Please note: the Common Good is completely different to the scary Common Purpose pan-national political movement.

Support the No vote in the Irish Family referendum – The mainstream Irish media and the government want a yes vote
Many families have moved to Ireland because it is a bastion of family values. In Ireland unlike many European countries the family is especially protected by law. This is not the case in the UK for instance where social services can intervene and even remove children. The ruse here is they are to give the child so called human rights. A child needs protection, we ask who would do this best the state or the family? The record as we have seen recently regarding children’s homes and Jimmy Savile is that the family is the best place for a child. Below is a Press Release from Human Life International (Ireland) dated 12th October 2012 –

"EVERY child will be a candidate for State confiscation via the forced adoption provision (Article 42A2:1 and 42A:2:3) irrespective of the "marital status" of the parents.   Removal of the present Article 42:5 and its replacement by the proposed Article 42A massively empowers State intervention upon EVERY family.  The scene is set for cases heard in secret family courts "in-camera" - behind closed doors.  Parents will be gagged and prevented from speaking out. See www.forcedadoption.com to see what is happening in the U.K. where Mrs Fitzgerald trained as a social worker."   

 Those outside of Ireland might like to contact the Irish Minister Mrs Fitzgerald via email frances.fitzgerald@oir.ie


The 'tsunami of filth' has damaged the BBC, says chairman of

the BBC Trust Lord Patten

The chairman of the BBC trust, Lord Patten has called the Jimmy Savile revelations as a tsunami of filth that has damaged the BBC. This is true but what he should be asking is what damage the tsunami of filth produced by BBC TV has done to the nation? Most of this filth has ended up in the sitting rooms of anyone who has a TV. As we have said in many articles in CUT newsletters some TV programmes are a form of child abuse in their own right. Many programmes contained a level of filth that would have been absolutely unacceptable in the family front room - if it wasn’t on the television. The BBC has engaged in child abuse of the nation’s children via the TV for decades. Therefore, is it not surprising that the people who make these programmes are themselves perverts? We have said if you find something unacceptable in real life then why allow the TV to bring it into your living rooms let alone fund it.

Suicide of BBC’s employees because of sexual harassment
The unhealthy sexual attitude and conduct by managers at the BBC continues to cause concern as a harassed BBC reporter Russell Joslin committed suicide last Monday. He had spurned the advances of a female manager at the BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Radio and was then being harassed by her. But this is not the first time sexual harassment at the BBC has cause death. A member of dance group on Top of the Pops committed suicide in the 70s. The BBC really must now start to clean up their act, not only off the screen but on it as well. However, it is too late for many of us to accept the BBC in its present format.


Time to scrap the licence fee and make the BBC stand up on its own two feet.

For too long the BBC has been cosseted by a compulsory tax and because of this form of funding it has been able to set its own agenda. This agenda has been at odds with most of the ethical standards that have been derived from 2,000 years of Christianity. They have challenged Christian values and overturned so many of them. Therefore, it’s time to scrap the licence fee and make the BBC stand on its own two feet. Perhaps it should become a Pay for View station and those who want to watch the BBC can fund it and be given a subscription PIN number.


BBC Desperately try and regain some credibility by unleashing Panorama on Newsnight – but fail

One of the main themes promoted by the BBC on recent news coverage of the Jimmy Savile scandal was the specious argument regarding how open and fair they are by allowing Panorama to produce a programme on the Newsnight cover-up. However, we say it’s the very least they could do. This trumpeting their own ‘virtue’ and yet doing as little as possible to clean up the BBC for 40 years is exasperating. It is too late and does not constitute being open. Another worrying aspect of the BBC’s coverage of this is the attempt to put all the blame on one despicable person. Yet we know others are involved but no new names have been released. The only paedophiles at the Corporation that have been named are either already dead or in prison already.

However, the police are due to make arrests of some high profile people at the BBC, unless this too gets covered up.

Peadophile ring at the BBC
The BBC Panorama programme was mainly interested in Newsnight and Jimmy Savile himself, although there were hints that a peodaphile ring operated at the BBC and they are many other celebrities involved at the BBC but this was sidelined.

BBC’s Director General, George Entwistle continuing the tradition of weak BBC leaders
The new Director General, George Entwisle has also spent much time in praise of the BBC’s Panorama programme he even said he is proud of the BBC at the parliamentary select committee questioning! Entwistle however made many gaffes and talked a lot of stuttering nonsense during his grilling by MPs and acted very much in the tradition of weak BBC leadership that has lost the BBC its once vaunted reputation of truth and fairness. In fact we ask is this a ploy by the corporation to have very weak managers and leaders? This allows the producers and editors to act like demigods with little sense of decency. News of the BBC’s crimes are reaching overseas. However, the BBC’s arrogance continues as a BBC employee was asked on Irish RTE radio isn’t the problems at the BBC like the problems in the Catholic Church. To which the BBC reporter said ‘Oh no we are perfectly open but the Catholic Church covers things up.’ If that was true then how did it take so many decades for the BBC to come clean on Jimmy Savile and others employed by the corporation? In fact they have been covering it all up for decades and it took the ITV to uncover all this sexual deviancy at the BBC.

Panorama programme on Jimmy Savile - Civil War at the BBC or

just a ruse?

We are unimpressed by what we have heard about this programme especially as a former child actor claims he “ran a gauntlet of paedophiles” at the BBC. This programme is too little to late! However we will be watching it ‘on demand’ and we will be reporting on it.

On Monday 22 October there is to be BBC Panorama programme on how Newsnight shelved the Jimmy Savile story late last year. This many see as a civil war breaking out at the BBC over its decades of cover up of child sex abuse at the Corporation. It is clear that many at the BBC are now acting like headless chickens as they are being exposed as the hypocrites they are. However some say the Jimmy Savile case is just the tip of an iceberg of filth at the BBC. And that the BBC are using Panorama programme to try and regain their lost ‘credibility’. An example of what they are really up to was illustrated by Janet Street Porter telling the BBC how to cover themselves. Janet Street Porter was caught on camera complaining that the BBC had not managed the Savile story properly meaning they should have a strategy for deflecting the blame. Do not trust this Panorama programme it may be merely a typical BBC ruse, blaming one person for all its failings and then saying ‘look at us aren’t we so good as to make such a programme?” We say no you are not good at all, you do not deserve your position within British society you should lose the licence fee before you can do any more damage to children.

Sex Abuse Rife At BBC Says former child actor Ben Fellows

                As the list of celebrity paedophiles who have worked at BBC grows almost daily, it is therefore not surprising that a former child actor has come forward - Ben Fellows has claimed that child abuse was rife at the BBC He said: “Once I’d entered the entertainment industry proper I ran a gauntlet of paedophiles – both at the BBC and other television production companies and also in theatres, as well as commercial photo shoots. “In fact, almost every production I was involved with I was targeted in some way or another.”
It is now easy to see that many at the BBC had an agenda with programmes such as Queer as Folk designed to undermine the age of consent laws. However, it was an advert for this programme showing a simulated homosexual act which made me determined not to fund such filth.
               However, is this Panorama programme 40 years too late for the damage done to children is enormous and the BBC has given a platform for so many celebrity paedophiles for so many decades? Will this programme be a proper hard hitting documentary or is it just for show? We will see.

BBC bring in Peter Tatchell to pontificate on useful idiot Griffin
How can the BBC justify bringing in Peter Tatchell as a credible pundit on moral issues? The homosexual Tatchell has even had the audacity to defend sexual relations between an adult and a child, activities with children for which Jimmy Savile and Jonathan King and many other celebrities have been condemned for. In a letter to the Guardian in 1997 Tatchell defended an ‘academic’ book about 'boy-love', calling the work "courageous" before writing:

“Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy. While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.”

However, on the Radio 5 morning phone-in programme on the 19 October there he was pontificating in his usual subversive way. Is this not more evidence of double standards at the BBC? Tatchell was treated as a moral authority among the phone-in guests and without the verbal harassment given to the other phone-in participants. The phone-in was on the latest ‘Gays’ to sue a Christian B&B for not allowing a ‘Gay’ couple to share the same room in their house. Or more precisely it was on the leader of the far right British National Party’s Nick Griffin’s tweet giving out the address of the Gay couples house and asking for a ‘justice group’ to create some ‘drama’ there. This nasty tweet has been seized on with glee by the politically correct establishment.
                Perhaps what we really need is a new political party that will stand up for the family, after all the main parties are very similar in many ways they all seem to be different shades of pink. Someone will one day start up a Traditional Family Values Party; they’d get my vote.

Are Children safe at the BBC?

Regarding all the latest revelations of child sex abuse by celebrities and presenters who work at the BBC: should we not be asking whether children are safe to visit BBC studios and premises?  The latest scandal at the Corporation regarding Jimmy Savile and other celebrities and pop stars are very worrying. The ITV documentary has brought to light the fact that many BBC managers and producers knew what was going on but turned a blind eye, or in the words of Esther Rantzen, blocked their ears.

The Power of the Cult of Celebrity

It is clear that many starry-eyed children are influenced by celebrities and would love the opportunity to meet their favourite pop star or presenter etc. It was obvious from the ITV documentary that Jimmy Savile knew how powerful the cult of celebrity is and used his position to abuse as many young girls as he could.  However, it is not just Savile; other celebrities, such as Jonathan King (in his case with young boys), used their celebrity status to abuse children.

Does the BBC have an adequate Child Protection policy in place?

There are several questions that should be asked of the BBC.

First: has the BBC put in place a child protection policy, and how many child protection officers do they employ?
Second: are BBC employees and those celebrities who occasionally work at the BBC, CRB checked before they are allowed to work with children?

If the answer to these questions is that they have no child protection policy, or an inadequate one, then the BBC should be banned from allowing children into their studios and premises until a proper child protection policy is in situ.  If they already have one in place, it needs to be asked: how did it failed so drastically?

The BBC appear to be attempting to deflect any blame levelled at the Corporation.

Listening to the BBC one could be forgiven for believing that the Corporation had no responsibility for the abuse of children by its employees. It would appear that it is just Jimmy Savile alone that is responsible. However, because that abuse took place on BBC property and various BBC managers and presenters knew about it, surely the Corporation as a whole has some responsibility?


Support for BBC abuse victims

There is an obvious need for support for the victims of abuse by celebrities who worked at the BBC and therefore we would like to ask how much support will the BBC now be giving the victims? Also how much compensation will the BBC be paying out to these unfortunate people?  It is clear that a full police enquiry needs to be launched into past failures at the BBC (not just Jimmy Savile) for the sake of future children’s visits to the BBC. The BBC should then instigate child protection policies, apologise and offer the victims compensation for all the injuries done them.  

The BBC have made many documentaries on Catholic priests who have abused children and yet have refused to do anything when their own are involved. When some members of staff wanted to produce a Newsnight programme on Jimmy Savile they decided against it. Is this not a case of taking the speck out of the Catholic Church’s eye yet ignoring the rotten plank in their own eyes?


Extraordinary sexual climate at the BBC

In an extraordinary article the Daily Telegraph’s Cristiana Odone claimed that personnel at the BBC are climbing into bed with one and other all the time. Can we really be expected to take this corporation seriously any more surely the licence fee is untenable. For many people no longer feel that this compulsory tax is justifiable.

Child Abuse cover-up at the BBC

There is growing pressure on the BBC to come clean about covers ups regarding child sex abuse surrounding TV programmes such as Jim will Fix It and Top of the Pops. In a damning article in the Daily Telegraph's Cristina Odone writes: ‘If Sir Jimmy Savile had been a Catholic priest, he’d have been hounded out of public life.’ We say quite right too there can be no excuse for child abuse anywhere and the BBC should be no exception. However, it is very interesting how differently the BBC treats Child Abuse within its own realm of celebrity culture to anywhere else.

Row at the BBC as Newsnight shelve programme into Savile’s child abuse
 It would seem that the BBC ever quick to point the finger at others have shelved a programme on Savile. This smacks of duplicity and underlines what many of us have found over the last few years, that the BBC like to ‘Cherry Pick’ the targets of its investigative journalism. The fact that they knew about Jimmy Savile’s exploits with children is coming to light. Broadcaster Paul Gambaccini said he had been ‘waiting for this to come out for 30 years.’ If that is the case then perhaps he is part of the problem for he should have spoken up. Some at the Corporation are said to be concerned about making this programme because Savile was now deceased but surely such squeamishness is unworthy of the BBC? They have never shown any restraint with regards dead Catholic clergy. Perhaps quite rightly, however they are very wrong just to concentrate these programmes on Catholics for in this world there is a child abuse epidemic in every sphere of society.

ITV documentary on Savile to be aired Wednesday 3rd of October
The documentary claims the BBC top producers and managers turned a blind eye to his predatory ways involving children on their show. They even threatened to give chauffeurs the sack if they talked about Savile molesting girls.

Is Top of the Pops a hot bed of child exploitation?
Another programme associated with Jimmy Savile was Top of the Pops. However, here the problems may go beyond Savile for even in the Seventies there were reports of the behind the scenes activities of some of its participants. Not just BBC employees but by some of the performers. Savile it is claimed lured young girls to the show with sweets. He also defended Gary Glitter for watching paedophile films. Pete Townshend even claims in his autobiography that his viewing of child porn was really ‘White Knight’ syndrome and that he was really trying to break pedophile rings – it only took him nine years to think that one up! Cristina Odone  goes on to say ‘I've written before that watching child porn is a heinous crime unless, apparently, its perpetrator is a luvvy like Pete Townshend.

BBC ‘luvvies’ support each other and the wider Cult of Celebrity. It is clear that people in the media’s Cult of Celebrities’ defend and support each other. And those ‘luvvies’ with a penchant for the underage can generally expect a degree of "understanding" and "support" from their fellow luvvies at the BBC when they are discovered.

You can never excuse the inexcusable
We are not making any excuses for child abuse in the Catholic Church and ordinary Catholics are glad that strong and effective measures against child abuse have been put in place. Those who come forward to the priesthood should have had exemplary lives. As someone said to one of our members more is expected of a Catholic priest he should be beyond suspicion.

The BBC and other Media’s culpability in the Child Abuse epidemic
However, because of the Child abuse epidemic in modern secular society we should ask how did things get so bad? No one can deny that there is a child abuse epidemic at the moment in modern Britain with 60 cases a day being reported which is probably only the tip of the iceberg. BT have reported that they have needed to block up to 10,000 attempts to view child pornography per day. Perhaps one of the major influences on modern British society the BBC should shoulder some of the blame. For they have produced many programmes of an exploitative nature. The BBC and other media outlets have sexualized the population beyond the norms of a civilized society. The Gay kissing on the soaps, on ITV as well as the BBC, is little more than exploitation. Page 3 girls in the Sun using young girls even if they are in Savile’s coinage ‘legal’ (over 16) is all part of the exploitation of youth. The sex scenes on the TV are little short of child abuse on their own – no point in having a watershed if children have televisions in their bedrooms. But will the BBC be looking at themselves and their industry in a truthful and honest way? Not likely, they will be travelling the world to find problems in other spheres and the Catholic Church will as always be a major target. No we say that the television and other forms of the modern media are themselves major sources of Child Abuse.



Maturity and the Media

        Years ago when tempted to leave the safe haven of La Trappe for the Carthusians, I was told by the good monk who was forming me in manual work, “In medio stat virtus” (In the middle stands virtue). This insistence on the golden mean has always remained impressed on my mind. Hence it is that I would approach the question under discussion from the point of view of this proverbial aurea mediocritas.
            A hermit has no enclosure but that of the will. And from the outset I was determined that that would be no less efficacious than the physical fortress of the monastery. Hence telephone always off the hook, with a recorded message giving a mobile number, and the mobile itself always on silent except for a discreet alert; and then again the mobile itself always away from the bedroom and not touched during night silence (which covers 12 out of the 24 hours of the monastic day); the  mobile always outside chapel; again, the mobile never answered in the presence of another person actually present; no radio; no television; no Internet... (It was only when a friend set up the website that diffused the sermons that a mobile link to Internet became necessary for the checking of the website itself, but  no email ever, and only minimal use of any other site, and that only for research purposes.) All that to explain the effort needed to preserve the sacred atmosphere where another Presence reigns and has be protected and honoured. The result is that any soul that drifts towards the Hermitage is struck by the otherness of its air. God reigns...
            Transpose to a family home. The house always has an atmosphere. That atmosphere is made up of concrete items. Although not itself concrete, the element of Sound is inseparably linked to the concrete, for sound-emitters are although in themselves inanimate, emitters of animate forces via the concrete. And Sound is soul-forming, soul-changing. It is not an indifferent commodity in the house. Hence it is that the decision to have a transistor in On mode is not indifferent either. The will is in causa responsible – morally guilty or not guilty – for what pertains to the consequences of the voluntary admission of the messages that are to share our habitat. There is indeed a double moral issue, firstly that of the choice of noise and then that of the choice of a type of message. The freedom of heart and mind that life in a noise-free hermitage gives can be claimed by any person in the privacy of a room and, if unaccompanied, of a house. There is a fundamental difference between noise-free air and sound-contamination.
            An invention is a conquest over Nature, a participation in divine knowledge and power, hence in itself a collaboration with the Creator. Its subsequent use may or may not be under the same divine blessing, as is the use or abuse of the very faculty of speech or sight. However, a serene observation of life cannot but ascertain that the specific medium of communication that came out of the mind and hands of the great Baird has in its progressive manipulation been used as a transmitter of ungraced messages. Hence it is that to expose oneself over a period to it is to expose one’s soul to spiritual radiation as damaging as radium might be to the most robust body.
            This brings me to the kernel. The essence is not the problem of the invention but the problem of spiritual adulthood. We are stewards of the gift of Time, and an immature soul, whether he be infant or old man, is irresponsible in his shedding of hours. Time lost never returns, and Time sucked into a screen not only never return but risks never leaving Time the same again. We are changed by the use of our moments, and moments used to receive ungrace ungrace the soul for all Time to come.         
            What is seen is seen for evermore. What is heard is absorbed for evermore. And if heard often enough it will dominate other thought-waves. And this brings me to the correlated issue of the conquest of the air. It is not by chance that Scripture speaks of the spirits of the air. Theses spirits are well able to ooze from a television cathode and lodge themselves in the unshielded and unguarded soul. Multiply that by a nation, and what have we? Multiply that by a planet, and what have we?
            The Prince of the powers that infest this air never sleeps, and if a soul emerges from a quiet time with the unfallen angels before their own quiet King, that soul will feel the horror of a noise that attacks both the divine life in it and the Divine Presence that it hosts. In the Carthusian Statutes the brethren are invited not to raise their voices, out of respect for the Presence in the other. Silence is the backdrop to the interior life. To exclude Silence is to exclude the interior life. A good Marist Father muttered one day, not long before he died, “Hell is full of noise.” To enjoy Noise, is to be comfortable with the sound of Hell.
            “And His giving is gentle as Silence...” Yes, good music, good lyrics, good harmonics, good looks echo their ultimate Author, and true Beauty needs space, needs an echo, to be appreciated. Too much feeling leads to an erosion of the interior sensory system. Hence it is that the Hermit or the Trappist is powerfully moved by a written word or a chord struck that might leave a much bombarded soul indifferent. A simplified soul is a sensitive soul, an easily enriched soul. A noise-filled soul is like a body on heroine. It needs an ever-greater shock if it is to feel again.
            Television in 2012 is faster and louder than it was when it came out of Baird’s ingenious mind. Any preacher will tell you that that has taken away the capacity of the average person to sit and enjoy a spoken message of any length. The television has generated the human fidget, and very few have escaped the contamination.     
            Any teacher will tell you that the addicted child is a distracted child, an easily bored child, a child for whom only the strong stimulation is enough.
            Any casual observer will tell you that the accepted way of seeing things is the way that Everyone Else sees it and Everyone Else is the only voice that is normally given air-space. Indeed Everyone Else is a great evangelizer... for Hell.
            Hence it is that we need to think and stop, stop and think, before, with one millimetre of an index-finger movement, we open the channel and the means of ungrace.

Fr. David Jones, D. D.

Note: This talk has been recorded and may be viewed on You Tube (Fr. David Jones Channel).see Maturity and the Media


Suicides among the disabled are rising due to the liberal media

People are being affected by the media particularly the TV and the Radio like never before. The achievements of those in the public sphere are everywhere and are held up for all to see. There is a perception that if your life is not ‘useful’ and that you achieve certain goals in your life you are a lesser being, however everybody who ever lived is important to God. Therefore every life is precious no matter how disabled they are. But, this is not the philosophy given by the liberal media and once again the BBC is at the forefront of this giving massive coverage to those individuals who wish to die because of their disabilities.
                Let us state that some individuals who wish to die show enormous courage and strength even if we do not support this action in any way. However, to champion one side of the debate by following only those who want the law changed in favour of assisted suicide is devious. It can also lead to copycat suicides by others who may feel pressured by this massive media support for a change in the law in favour of assisted suicide and euthanasia.
                Why not highlight those who struggle with severe disabilities and wish to live? One could find marvellous and inspirational stories there that could give hope to them, or those who care for loved ones who are severely disabled and under no circumstance would help them die. But no this is not the way of the modern media who give the impression that all those who are severely disabled want to be killed. This has a bad effect on other disabled who do not wish to die but are made to feel a burden. Also if society starts to kill off the most disabled it will never feel the need to find cures for these disabilities.
                This is yet another reason why we say do not fund the BBC or those channels that support the killing of those who wish to be assisted to die. It is better to guard your eyes and ears from such evil propaganda. These people in the media are not the friends of the poor the weak and the vulnerable.
                Look to the saints for guidance and not the BBC, Channel 4 or the modern secular media, the great saint Francis De Sales has this to say about false friends:

   “In God’s name, Philothea, be ruthless in this matter; your heart and your ears are so closely associated that it is as impossible to prevent love from flowing down from the ears into your heart as to stay a torrent once it begins to flow from the mountain tops. Aristotle denies the theory of Alcmaeon, that goats breathe through their ears instead of through their nostrils, but it is certain that our heart breathes in the ideas of others through our ears, as it breathes out our own through our lips. So we must guard our ears carefully lest our heart be trained by the evil breath of fools.”
(21 Remedies for False Friendships from the Introduction to the Devout life by St Francis De Sales trans by Michael Day, 1990)


BBC make child abusing Vicars seem like Catholic priests

It is a sad fact of modern life that childhood is no longer cherished in the same way it once was. Many children can have their precious innocence taken from them by the all pervasive media as soon as they learn to speak. They are targeted by the advertising industry and many other pressure groups that turn them into materialistic consumers even before the start school. Perhaps it is not surprising given that the children of today are the survivors of the holocaust of abortion. Life today, it would seem has been devalued by a culture of death that targets the most venerable at the very beginning of their life’s journey and then again if secularists get their way, towards the end of their lives or even if they are unfortunate enough to become severely disabled.

Beside all this children today must also face an epidemic of child abuse.  In England and Wales every day in secular society there are 60 cases of child abuse reported to the authorities. Of course the numbers of children being abused are proportionately very small but the reporting of these cases by the media can traumatise children. It is important therefore that when the media and especially omnipresent BBC report on these cases that they not only get their facts right but also the journalism must be clear and transparent. They should under no circumstances use the victims of child abuse to support a secularising agenda but sadly this is often that case.

I was therefore amazed and concerned on the 30th of August to hear two reports on child abusing Church of England vicars that seem to make them appear as Catholic priests. How did the BBC do this you may ask? Let me explain I first heard a report on BBC radio 4 in the evening PM programme on child abuse in the diocese of Chichester however there was no mention of the Church of England. But the vicars in question were referred to as ‘priests’ and there was no mention that they were vicars. I turned over to BBC radio 5 and the same happened there was no mention of the Church of England but it was simply referred to as the ‘Church’. That this was an Anglican diocese was not explained it wasn’t until it was stated that the Archbishop of Canterbury has had to intervene that there was any clue that it is of the C of E but given the Archbishop penchant for pontificating in Catholic affairs it could easily seem that he was talking about the Catholic Church again. Especially given his notorious pronouncement about the problems in the Catholic Church in Ireland in 2010 perhaps he should learn that what go around comes around.

However, what were the other clues that could make it seem to the great un-Churched of the UK that this is probably the Catholic Church they are talking about again? One was that the child abusing Vicars were referred to only as priests of the Church there was no mention of the Anglican Church or the Church of England in either report. How different it is when the BBC report on the cases of child abuse in the Catholic Church – they make sure that everyone knows who they are talking about in these cases.



Prince Harry - an officer but is he a gentleman?

There were many worrying developments regarding Prince Harry's nude exploits with strangers in a Las Vegas hotel room, not the least the amount of publicity given to it. The endless debates on whether these pictures should have been published or not, have caused scandal in their own right. Perhaps the most shocking aspect is not so much that a member of the Royal Family should be getting up to this kind of debauchery, even though we have a right to expect better from a prince - but that so many respectable royal supporters went on the radio to support the prince. The excuses they gave for him were so numerous, but at the same time exasperating: 'We've all done it haven't we?’ Well, no we haven’t! But, the perception from now on is that going to hotel rooms with groups of strangers and taking your clothes off is all perfectly normal.

However, particularly with AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases running at an all time high we should expect better behaviour from our leaders and opinion formers. The Sun newspaper and other publications which printed the photos are just as culpable here as the prince.

As a national hero and role model his behaviour out of the public view should be the same as in it for we cannot expect the media to behave with any kind of decorum these days. The newspapers are destroying what little innocence is left in our society and by printing on front covers nude photos that are damaging children’s perceptions of normal behaviour. The TV and radio do the rest. The Prince is in a privileged position and he should act as if he understands his exalted place. After all, wasn't Prince Harry held up as some kind of ambassador for the nation during the Olympics? Perhaps we should ask where did all his Royal education and training go?

Is this the behaviour of a serving army officer?

Another worrying aspect is the security aspect: not just the prince's own security, but that in cavorting with strangers he could not trust in a hotel room he shows a dangerous lack of judgment. Could he be blackmailed? He is after all a serving officer in Afghanistan.  Is he putting his men at risk? He has a history of inappropriate behaviour, for example dressing as a Nazi and other incidents. Perhaps his superior officers in the British Army should take seriously the possibility that he may pose a security risk, and move accordingly.



August 16th post on Dr Who and Science fiction

With Dr Who returning to TV we thought it would be interesting to re-visit an article on the Science Fiction mini-series, from CUT's  2008 Summer Newsletter. For us the interest lies in the use of the Science Fiction genre in general. Like most things on the TV it can be used to manipulate the watcher and instil in him beliefs and views that suit the agenda of the producer, screenwriter etc.


Allegory in the Science Fiction series as a social and cultural device

It is perhaps easy to see the single play as interventionist regarding the socio-political issues of the sixties and seventies. And even though the producers may not have stood up in parliament and argued for the legalisation of abortion and homosexuality, the TV dramas they produced influenced not only the MP’s but many of their constituents. Who in turn wrote to their MP to change the law so that pressure was exerted from many angles. Likewise the Soap Operas may not have been so interventionist regarding legislation it did however engage in social engineering and through sympatric and innovative storylines that made acceptable a whole range of contentious issues – juxtaposing abortion, homosexuality, feminism, against male chauvinism, domestic violence, ‘homophobia’ etc but how did the science fiction series as a social relevance of the day work? How could far-fetched tales of outer space involving Daleks and Klingons be part of the cultural (or sexual) revolution?
 Star Trek – Enterprise destroys the Berlin Wall
                Recent work by social scientists have argued that although Star Trek storylines dealt with the futuristic and the fantastic they were in fact firmly rooted in the ideological concerns of the day.  Star Trek was more than just fantastic storylines in outer space it was really an outlet for contemporary issues and social comment. It was an innovative vehicle for exploring race and gender, nationhood and the international politics of the day. It was in fact closer to the single play or the soup opera than one might at first consider. There were perhaps some benign aspects to this form of mild social engineering it featured the first interracial kiss shown of American television – between Kirk and Uhura and the series has been much-vaunted for its multiculturalism lead of course by a white WASP, Captain Kirk. However, this type of social engineering in drama can also be taken further as per the homosexual kiss in today’s soap operas.  
                In Star Trek, like most innovative dramas there are many metaphors running parallel for example the Enterprise represents America, the enemy aliens her foes i.e. the Klingons represent the Russians, the unreadable oriental-looking Romulans the Chinese/Viet Kong. Some representations were multi-layered the Klingons were also dark skinned for Americans still did not know how to integrate the Afro-Americans into the American dream. It took many years to solve that problem. However, by the time Star Trek – The Next Generation when into hyperspace, the Klingons had joined the Federation which at the same time anticipated the end of the Cold War. By this time the script writers were getting all liberal and invented a new enemy, the Borg, a race of cyborgs who are virtually unstoppable and assimilating all other races into their collective – Globalisation and the assimilation of other cultures into the American dream.
                There are other spin-off series that have further explored gender and racial politics Deep Space Nine which had a black captain and Star Trek – Voyager a woman captain. Deep Space Nine with its mission to keep warring regional power blocks apart and at peace can also be seen as a metaphor for the peace-keeping missions of the United States and UN.
            Star Trek like most TV has many subliminal storylines is an allegorical cultural device. Assimilating TV, to go where no culture has gone before, into a liberal politically correct dream. I shall resist the temptation to discuss the Borg Broadcasting Corporation.
Dr Who – Intergalactic camp V’s the Nazis
Britain in the early nineteen-sixties was experiencing great cultural uncertainty. Her empire had all but crumbled. She had abandoned all attempts to stay in the space race and her days of superpower glory had long faded. Only the Americans and Russians got to send their pets into space. However, we could go one better, by the use of television we could lead the world. Our space craft was a 1926 police box (no need for special effects) which could travel through time as well as space. At crucial moments in the 1960s Cultural Revolution we could revisit the past and show how Britain saved the world. For example when the debates raged about the legalisation of abortion and homosexuality Dr Who in The Massacre (1966) visited Paris. Here we find that the Doctor was a survivor of St Bartholomew’s Eve Massacre. Of this Nicholas Cull writes ‘Historically, British-ness was always constructed in opposition to Roman Catholicism.’1 There would be no possibility of the Doctor being part of the Western Rising or the Pilgrimage of Grace which saw Britain’s Catholic populations rise up against Henry VIII only to be brutally massacred. When the scriptwriters redefined the Doctor as a dissident Time Lord we see the other Time Lords as a declining ancient race wearing skull caps and flowing robes like cosmic Cardinals.
The Doctor was always portrayed as an eccentric English gentleman, individualistic, self-reliant the opposite of the Catholic notion of obedience to authority and community. There are a number of key elements that run throughout the various series which would make any empathy with Catholicism impossible. It would draw on many facets of the British historical experience, like repelling invasions and spreading the Protestant Reformation, we find out that the Doctor had attended the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. The arch enemy of the Doctor, the Master, was also a Time Lord who looked like an amalgamation of a Jesuit and Spanish villain, with his dark eyes and pointed dark beard and was played initially by Roger Delgado who was indeed part Spanish. Dr Who’s greatest enemy was of course the Daleks, at first they represented Cold War fears of post nuclear war mutants. Soon they acquired the resonance of the Nazis and the second Daleks series The Dalek Invasion of Earth which saw them in London. Again British history is being played out with the Doctor as an intergalactic Churchill figure. The Daleks chant of ‘Exterminate’ the vocabulary of the holocaust reminded everyone of Britain’s finest hour and defeating the Nazis.
The camp facet is most surprising in Dr Who. Camp, from the French verb se camper means to posture or flaunt. Signs of deviance and the hidden meaning behind the mask are quite prevalent in Dr Who. Cull writes, ‘The shifting tone of Dr Who also tell a story as the programme drifted away from its part in the BBC mission to educate and became a mischievously subversive expression of camp in British popular culture.’2
At the start of the sixties Britain was about to embark on her own mission to lead the world through the final cultural frontier. Using the television to lead public opinion and in turn legislation British culture would be transformed. Dr Who, Britain’s own innovative science fiction series would not only reflect these changes it would indorse them. The problem is Dr Who like much of British television of the last forty years or more muddied the waters for Catholics. On one side we had the Doctor as Churchill, eccentric English gentleman, camp scientist, even a Christ like figure with his self-sacrifice and resurrection as a new Doctor; on the other side we have the Nazis, a whole host of weird monsters, a Spanish Jesuit and Catholicism in general.
Referances: 1 and 2, Cull, N. ‘Bigger on the inside’ The Historian, Television and Television history. Luton University. 2001.


The BBC, the Olympics, Euro-2012, and all that

Now that the Olympics are almost over and everyone is congratulating the BBC on winning so many gold medals for team GB. It is perhaps interesting to note that there have been no riots on the streets this year. Could it be that people have been kept off the streets and in front of the TV? Therefore turning rioters into couch potatoes. This despite the media's assertions that youngsters being inspired to do sport all of a sudden this of course is just just media spin.

If we go back a few weeks to the European football tournament Euro-2012 in Poland and the Ukraine we were all worried that it was going to turn into some sort of bloodbath. For didn't the BBC tell us this with one of its infamous documentaries? Pointing out that the Poles and the Ukrainians are fundamentally racists and that our Black English footballers had better beware. This had the affect of scaring the black community with many declaring that they had better not go for their lives are at risk. This is of course a typical piece of BBC nonsense for as a contributor to Talk Sport (the independent British Sports Radio station) said that perhaps the Polish and Ukrainian Olympic teams have more to fear in going to London than we have in going the Poland and the Ukraine. And he was right there in fact no racism from the peoples of the Euro-2012 host nations.

At CUT we are always so surprised that the BBC can get away with pointing the finger at anyone they wish. Even if comes to offending whole nations. The close bed fellow of the racist is the bigot, perhaps the BBC should do a documentary on bigots at the BBC. We wonder would they be more successful there than finding racists in Poland and the Ukraine.



Are the Media turning the so called Arab Spring into winter?

Quotes are from the Catholic Herald 13-07-12

‘Priest: media is misrepresenting conflict in Syria’

‘News agencies have misrepresented the conflict in Syria, a Catholic charity’s Middle East expert has said.
Fr Andrew Halemba, Aid to the Church in Need’s Middle East Projects coordinator, said reports about the country should be treated critically and with great caution'.

CUT - is the so called Arab Spring really a good thing? The media and particularly the BBC seem very enthusiastic about it yet are they really trading one type of oppression for another? Therefore playing with the politics and peoples of another country. And is the BBC, that paragon of misinformation (as some would argue) to be trusted in its conveyance of the news on the Middle East conflicts? Many believe that Christians are losing out in these newly ‘liberated’ lands such as Egypt. Of Syria, Fr Halemba believes there is a serious misuse of imagery, and from the Catholic Herald again: ‘photographer Marco di Lauro accused the BBC of using one of his pictures from Iraq in 2003 to show the situation in Syria this year.’

The BBC have apologised, but it simply isn’t good enough for this corporation to make such a fundamental mistake that could inflame further an already serious situation and put lives at risk.

From the Week 28-07-2012

The TV is not good for Children's Health

"Every extra hour a toddler spends in front of the television will be reflected in his or her waist size by the age of ten, reports The Daily Telegraph. A study in Canada found that ten-year-olds who had watched 18 hours of TV at the age of four-and-a-half had waistlines that were on average 7.6mm bigger than those who had watched 14 hours. The distance they could jump was also reduced by half a centimetre for every hour in front of the box. "The bottom line is that watching too much TV is not good", said Dr. Linda Pagini, whose study appeared in the International Jouranl of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity." - Why not sign this petition on children and the television? Children and the TV petition

Please also see this related article: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/05/100503161229.htm


David Frost on TV entertainment

"Television enables you to be entertained in your home by people you wouldn't have in your home".


Comment on the Catholic Hearld article - 13-07-2012

What Mark Thompson did for Catholics

In a wide ranging and excellent article on the BBC and its 'Catholic hierarchy' Mark Thompson and Lord Patten of Barns, Dennis Sewell asks some interesting questions. For 'Despite the presence of Catholics in senior management cadre, the BBC has long displayed a consistent animus against the Church'.

Some Catholics would go even further in their concerns and ask why have the BBC been so blatantly anti-Catholic? Perhaps the answer lies in the secularist core values latent in the very essence of the Corporation and the majority of those who work there.

For example no one can argue that the BBC does not strongly support abortion, and that it will aggressively promote 'pro-choice' values. Could this be the reason why the BBC attacks the Church given any opportunity - not just in our pro-life stance? Yes but it's not the only reason.

There are a whole host of reasons why the BBC will very rarely report anything positive about the Catholic Church - whether it be the contemporary Church or Church history. These reasons include the BBC support for and the Church's opposition to 'Gay' rights, contraception issues, marriage issues, radical feminism, woman priests etc.

So we should not be surprised that the BBC ignored the 1.5million youngsters that attended world youth Day but concentrated on a mere 6 thousand protesters. It was of course utterly ridiculous that they did this; it shows them up to be bias and bigoted. Yet the BBC controls the news and what the people of Britain think - and they know it. So the BBC is not afraid to be bigoted and biased because they get away with it.

The BBC's appalling history regarding its anti-Catholic programming should never be forgotten for it will continue, remember fellow Catholics when licence fee paying time comes around, programmes like Sex and the Holy City, Popetown and a whole host of anti-Catholic documentaries. Remember the BBC attempts to discredit the pro-Life cause with drama such as Hunter where pro-Life activists were portrayed as murderers.


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