Sochi Winter Olympics opens – BBC Gay agenda continues

CUT report: 7 February 2014

The Sochi winter Olympics has opened but unfortunately the BBC seems to be more interested in attacking Russia’s ban on homosexual propaganda. Russian law does not allow the promotion of so called ‘Gay’ lifestyles in the media. Instead they encourage the promotion of traditional family oriented life-styles and values.  At CUT we applaud the Russian government in this and for standing up to the Western media bullies like the BBC.
There appears to have been a long campaign running at the BBC to browbeat a foreign sovereign nation over homosexual rights. That the BBC with its history of paedophile rings should tell Russia what to do on human rights and moral values is an oxymoron of the highest degree.  The Corporation has consistently wheeled out homosexual activists such as Peter Tatchell and allowed Steven Fry to drone on about how Putin is using Nazi tactics against homosexuals etc. Nazi tactics! many in Russia found this type of verbiage offensive, the Russians lost 25,000,000 people to Nazi aggression during the war! The Russians have not banned homosexuality all they have done is stop the media from promoting it. So no Gay kissing in Russian soaps etc – what a breath of fresh air.
Note that in the BBC’s latest piece on the subject they are stating that there are Gay protests taking part around the globe. However, the photos of the protests show very few people taking part. Unlike the anti-Gay marriage protests in France – which the BBC chose to ignore. There is no balance and fairness in the Western media these days.
It was good to hear a Russian politician stand up to Nicky Campbell of BBC 5 live during the week. When Campbell ever the prisoner of the homosexual lobby, reeled off by rote the latest piece of nonsense from the Gay lobby that because Russians are so much against homosexuality they are actually scared of their own sexuality. To this the Russian answered that to use this analogy is silly for to follow this logic would mean that Fire Fighters are really fire raisers at heart and Doctors really would like to kill people. Campbell had no answer to this – it just shows all you need to do is stand up to the media bullies.

Note: Google today are using the Gay rainbow colour on their home page together with more pro-homosexual slogans – time to find another search engine.

BBC fails to report on Massive Protests in France against ‘Gay Marriage’

Over the last weekend there were huge protests in France against the legalization of Gay marriage however the BBC has failed to report on this. Why is the BBC so selective in its news reporting?
The campaigners are marching for the defence of traditional family values. They are saying no to draconian support by the government of all things homosexual including alternative ways for homosexual couples to have children either by IVF or adoption.  We say well done French Catholics for leading the world in the fight back for normality and decency.
Why are there no similar protests in Britain? We believe that the nation has been brainwashed by the fanatically pro-homosexual BBC.

For a report please see RT :

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