Alan Marr - our own anti-TV humorist, reflections on the TV and those who watch it:


The Gotterdammerung of our society

Stupidity the companion of evil so deftly promoted by the media will ultimately lead to the destruction of Western Society. Many times have I wrestled with the thought that evil is accompanied or a close companion of stupidity. If one for instance take the tactics and policies of the so-called liberal elite that have controlled the affairs of this country for half a century they show a marked stupidity. They have endeavoured by every foul means to undermine those things that keep society together and make for people to have more harmonious lives.

Firstly the traditional marriage and family has been under continued attack ranging from ridiculously lax divorce laws to using the media to show that people could dispense with marriage and live together. The final blow has come to marriage with the promotion of same sex marriage. Then creating education factories teaching “progressive” subjects that corrupt all moral values that parents tried to implant in their children. The media via the Tabloids, TV and film continued to show that moral values whether sexual or otherwise were totally obsolete in a modern society. The progressives fought hard against any censorship in terms of allowing every sexual perversion and violent actions to be shown on film or TV. They have also been proud of their successful attack on religion namely the Christian one. Their first action were to gradually remove Christian teaching from schools and the broadcasting media. Then they made it a target for continued ridicule. Finally they now portray all serious Christians either as people with mental health issues or paedophiles or both. A few liberal clergy are allowed voice as long as they tow the party line that means they support all types of sexual behaviour and no longer need to adhere to biblical teaching. Then we have had the latest weapon in the hands of the liberal elite, political correctness and equality. These two elements now established in the law of the land have been made to exclusively silence any opposition to the policies of this liberal elite. Anyone even criticising their concepts becomes automatically an enemy of the people. Stalin would have been proud of their silencing job.
However going back to the beginning of this article we come back to stupidity. Don’t this ruling elite realise their policy will lead to two possible conclusions. One that society turns into chaos and total anarchy prevails, or some extremists possible non Christian religious fundamentalist takes over. In any event the so-called liberal elite will lose control and in turn be destroyed. There will be no time for equality in a barbarous society. Nor will either eventuality tolerate their progressive ideas . Medieval standards of behaviour will prevail without the compensation of the then Christian church that through it’s compassion ameliorated some of the nastiness of those times in monasteries who provided hospitals and care for the dispossessed. [Yes many believe it was the Church led by the monasteries that civilised society and led to the great cultural and scientific advancements of Western Society... Ed.

I wonder whether our rulers have such a degree of self-hatred that subconsciously they want to be destroyed and take every one else with them. Or perhaps like Hitler in his bunker when they realise their dreams of a utopia have failed they will blame the masses and in turn will be happy at the destruction of society even if it means their own destruction.It won’t be long before we see the Gotterdammerung of our society burning on the pyre of progressive believes. Will we hear the cries of anguish from our rulers or instead perhaps more appropriate an ecstatic almost sexual expression on their faces as they are engulfed in the death throes of Western civilisation of which they have contributed so much to. Satan will have the last laugh with the lost souls those leaders of modern Britain. 


The Media has gained enormous power but in actual fact as the Chinese say, is a paper tiger

Over the last 100 years the media has gradually gained enormous power. Even in the early days of the 20th. Century and especially during the 1st world war the potency of the media to influence the masses was considerable. Now it has become an all-embracing force feared by everyone from the great to the lowly. Every part of human activity in the UK is influenced by it, be it government, the judiciary, the medical profession, the church and of course the majority of the population. It has become the tool of the so-called liberal elite who have in their beliefs an almost god like certainty of the rightness of their cause. They believe, like all fanatics, that there can be no opposition or valid arguments against their philosophy and “faith”.

Nothing since the days of the Soviet Union has there been such dictatorial behaviour against any heretic to the core philosophy of this elite. Any opposition to it turns one into a non-person rather like Stalin’s Russia and means public death metaphorically speaking. Although they hate and fear religious faith their adherence to their beliefs has taken on all the trappings of religious faith minus God. They deny the existence of God because they believe they are the supreme power on this earth and of course there is no room for a God. They hate any organised religion because religion believes in something greater than mankind (them) and also helps to answer the imponderables that in their neat box like world they have no answers for. Religion also believes in mystery and that absolutely terrifies them, in their world that concept can never exist. Although these individuals wield enormous power, in reality they crouch in insecurity, aware of life’s transience and the ethereal existence of their own position within the media. For all the glory and accolades they may receive, they are only baubles given to them by equally shallow power seeking people and intrinsically worthless.  They daily hide from the inevitable thoughts of mortality and their consequence demise. But they know full well they live in emptiness, which is as empty as that synthetic world of the screen. They are the dead souls bereft of light, which need our constant prayers. It is difficult to judge them because in some ways they are the greater victims of Satan’s seduction. It is sad that they have sold their souls for so little! Their craving for adulation is almost a child’s cry for help, and the price of that adulation is high.

They have been at the end of the day been bought quite cheaply. It often shows in that they have an almost satanic fear of anyone who exhibits a strong Christian faith, the discomfort they show is almost painful to watch.
 So we examine how this enemy of Christianity, the media can be defeated. In actual fact the media, as the Chinese say, is a paper tiger. It only has strength as long as it has an audience. This audience must also absorb its material without any depth of questioning its veracity or whether it is actually beneficial to society at large. Once the media has lost its credibility it becomes the emperor with no clothes. It becomes as relevant as yesterday’s newspaper in the fish and chip shop.
How do we end audience participation in all forms of the media?  Should that not be our eventual goal? In my next article I will describe ways we can bring this about.



 If one observes the people who attack Christianity and all it’s values all seem to have many things in common, they are sour, serious and with a profound lack of humour.

One of the reasons for these behaviour patterns is not only are they generally miserable people but they have an enormous egos to feed. Of course the paradox is also true they may be very insecure with very small egos that need continual bolstering. These often-shallow self-opinionated people dominate the media. They appear to speak with great authority, yet if one looks at the substance of what they are saying it is pretty unintelligent and badly thought out material, much of which relies entirely on half-truths and vague suppositions. They love to bring about an air of great drama over some historic document that has been unearthed basing whole suppositions of something that has had only limited examination and could be as phoney as they are. Then we also come across the quasi scientist who is usually a "has" been" in terms of science dwelling in the past before the development of quantum physics and DNA research.  Many of the most advanced scientists often have respect for religion and the concept of a creator. Whilst your anti Christian  "has been" is attached to “old science”

However one thing they all absolutely hate which is their Achilles heal is humour and to be made fun of. Even the most gentle of leg pulling is totally unacceptable, to them. Whilst a fully developed person cannot only accept humour directed against them, but more importantly can laugh at their own failings. To laugh at oneself is almost a divine gift.

So if you are fed up with the entire silly attacks on you as a Christian. Go on the offensive and challenge these people. Laugh at them, their absurdity, their pomposity and their enormous conceitedness.  We need someone of Swiftian greatness to deflate these silly people. Unfortunately it is difficult to derive humour from such shallow people, because it requires people of some substance to be humorous. You can only laugh so much about crashing bores.

Remember these people are generally fearful for those with a solid faith, they show enormous discomfort in the presence of such people. So next time you have the misfortune to be in the presence of these “intellectual” media type people don’t be a shrinking violet but going in with guns blazing promoting your faith. But for holy sake do it in a cheerful happy manner. Crack a few jokes and make sure you have a large benign smile. They will get very nasty and even insulting , we hope they do because it means you are having an impact. But don’t give up keep it up.  You may need to train in advance to get your stamina up to a good level and you may need to purchase some earplugs if they get too offensive. On the other hand you can derive a lot of fun from it all. Promoting our faith is what we are here to do and unlike some of the Protestant sects you don’t need to rely on “Joy through Gloom”


Allowing Conscientious Objections is the Hallmark of a Civilised Society

Even in the darkest days of World War 2 Conscientious Objectors  were exempt from military service. However, today people are not allowed to have a conscience especially where issues of abortions homosexuality and loyalty to their faith are concerned.

A hallmark of a civilised society is to protect at all times objections by individuals to carrying out actions on the grounds of conscience.  One example of this was during the darkest days of World War 2. Conscientious Objectors were exempted from military service.  We also have the Nuremburg war trial that confirmed this. Yet this freedom has now gone, this important element of a free and democratic nation has been removed in a twinkling of eye.

Midwife and nurses who through their religious believes get the sack for not wanting to participate in abortions. Other Christians lose their jobs again through their religious beliefs for not agreeing to officiate over same sex partnerships. Others are not allowed to wear symbols of their Christian believes at work. Teachers are reprimanded with the possibility of losing their job because they don’t want to teach what is fundamentally against their Christian faith. Moslems and Christian parents are threatened when they object to school curriculum that attacks their religion. The list is endless and the numbers who are also rendered afraid of exercising their conscience becomes greater everyday. The great lie is we live in a free society. We don’t, we live in a society that permits freedom to only those who agree with the current stand made by the politicians and media.

This is where the so-called Orwellian ‘Nu –Speak comes in.  We have for instance a Court of European Rights. It is of course means  totally the opposite for anyone exercising his or her conscience, what that court does is quickly to stamp on anyone who does not conform to the current social agenda dictated by the politicians. The same also goes from the British judiciary. We once prided ourselves on an independent judiciary protecting those of us who acting on our ethical or religious conscience, from observing recent court cases that has been swept away. The other great illusion fostered by the media is how we live in a “tolerant society”. Tolerant for those who doggedly follow the line of the media giants or the political classes , but ruthlessly intolerant for those whose opinions differ from them.

The future at least in Europe is bleak for those wishing to exercise their conscience. Soon children will report to the schools the views of their parents and grand parents and whether they conform to present social legislation. Foster parents will not be allowed to have a religion. Schoolteachers will be very carefully monitored to ensure they show not even the slightest element of religious belief. In places of work human resource teams will weed out those who express any religious conviction for either therapy or dismissal. Nurses and doctors will certainly not be allowed any form of conscientious objections to procedures demanded of them.

To ensure that the system is enforced against conscientious objectors there will be an enormous pyramid of power. At the top will be the Court of Human Rights then the local judiciary, the lower echelons will consist of the Police and social workers. Local authorities and a myriad of government and non-government officials will provide an efficient administration and co-ordination service. This will be the main priority in terms of their workload. These will be re-enforced by the powerful media of TV, computers and newspapers.  Most of this scenario is already in place. It will shortly be completed.

As Roman Catholics it is our duty to fight this coming horror not only for ourselves but the nation as a whole. We owe it to past and future generations. We must also encompass other Christians and other religions to ensure that there is freedom and respect for people’ conscientious objections. Do not let apathy and complacency cause you to lose your freedom. The clock is ticking on what little is left of your freedom and your ability to carry out what your conscience dictates without serious persecution.    



CUT's own sitcom - An Everyday Story of Broadcasting People

The Moral Haze

 It is 2027 and the programme is called the Moral Haze. We now hear the announcer.

Announcer."Following the passing of the Matrimonial Human and non Human Bill we are having a special edition of the Moral Haze which will not only be broadcast on
Radio 4 but also on BBC television.

We introduce the chairman Arnold Sedgewick. (audience claps)

 A.S “Today we have arrived at a momentous historical moment in human progress with this bill, enriching the lives of many of us. To celebrate we are having this special programme broadcast simultaneously on both Radio and Television.

 On my right is Holly Toyboy journalist and editor of what was formerly “Bestiality Now”, changed in recent years to “Congress”

 Holly does this bill affects you directly?

HT. Yes I am over the moon I so much wanted to regularize my relationship with Oswald and now we’re planning our wedding”

A.S. Can you describe Oswald to those who are listeners and who can’t see the video clip you have just shown us.

HT.  He is 8 years old Tamworth pig with beautiful auburn hair.

A, S. We will come back to you later but on my left is Joss Doday an Australian who is professor of anthropology at Nullarbor University.

Joss you are also directly affected by this bill.

J.D. Not quite, the legislation hasn’t been passed yet in Aus. But when they see the British progressive example I think it won’t be long before we benefit in Aus from British style laws.

A.S You have suffered greatly through your relationship with Amanda who I believe is a Wallaby.

J.D Yes I had a professorship at another Australian University and I was badly discriminated by reactionary Fascist and religious elements that wanted me to stop my relationship with Amanda. Eventually they made me resign the B@ steds
A.S We all deeply sympathize with you.

Next on my right is the Reverent. Deidre Heliot, a remarkable lady who has pioneered religious sexuality.  Originally Dave Mills, a transgender who became a woman 10 years ago, now doubly married with the recent legislation to a man and a woman, she does this to enrich her bi-sexuality that gives enormous support to her spirituality.

Deidre what do you think of this latest bill.

D.H Words are not enough to express my joy at this latest legislation. When I heard the news I had a profoundly spiritual experience.

A.S And last but not least Professor Hunden who is professor of Animal husbandry at University College Basingstoke. I believe the Beast Liberation Front established your seat  there.

H. Yes but please call me Heinrich.  I am very much against the rest of the panel and I shall explain why (as he says this he crashes his fist on the table)

AS. Calm down Heinrich, you will get your turn to speak.

We will start of with Holly.  Can you relate to us your life enhancing experience with your non-human partner.  We are all looking forward to it.

HT. Certainly Arnold

5years ago when I decided the only relationship for me was with a non-human.  I went with a friend called Samantha Biggins, who was already in a relationship with a Doberman Pinscher, to Beasts are Us in Basildon Essex.  This was a Relationship Agency where a team would work out the most suitable partner for me. I was frankly over the moon when they introduced me to Oswald. They even tied a red bow on his tail.

When I got home with Oswald the local support team were very helpful they got me a grant for a strengthened bed, a new access facility and sanitary arrangements. Since then we have been extremely happy together. But hearing the news we could get married has been absolutely marvelous. We were going in just for a register office do , but after meeting the rev. Deidre before the start of the programme it is definitely going to be a church white wedding.

A.S. This is such a heart-rending story.  I am so full of admiration for you Holly in your happiness with Oswald. In these days of relationships in crisis it brings hope to us all to hear Holly recount her romance and established love she has for her partner Oswald, soon to become her husband. We wish you a wonderful future. (Everyone claps apart from Prof. Hunden.)

There is also been the dark side Holly, with people who had irrational prejudices against your relationship with Oswald. Dreadful reactionary people who are beast ophobes, who attack progressive people like you. You also have fortunately not many nowadays of those crazy people with medieval religious views, who have attacked your relationship with Oswald.

H.T. That was pretty dreadful; people even came up to me at Pilates and said they thought it was wrong what I was doing. But I did get a lot of help from local groups such as S.O.D.S (Sexual Orientation Diversity Services) and of course the local social
services and the Police who have a local division entirely devoted to Sexual Orientation discrimination with a large team of specially trained designated officers.


A.S It is very pleasing to hear that the Police and local authorities are doing there best to support people like you Holly. But I still think central government must invest in a large central co-coordinating body to ensure coverage of SODS is even throughout the

UK. I would love to go on through the whole programme listening to Holly’s wonderful experience but I must turn to Joss our visitor from Australia. Right go ahead Joss and tell us your experiences.

JD. I was attending an Australian version of S.OD.S seminar with an old friend of mine Kate Bisch who was local representative for New South Wales branch of S.O.D.S, she herself was a transsexual, but was keen to develop her experience of various orientations like most of us. The seminar was being held in a small outback town called Bunga Bunga a few hundred miles south of Alice Springs. It was held in an old converted miners Inn called the “Doggers Arms”

I can still remember that day with the sun setting over IluLu Mountains  Amanda was preening herself in the paddock adjacent to the Hotel. I was very fortunate with Kate arranging everything and eventually we set up home together in my University apartment. Unfortunately I did not realize what a dreadful unprogressive institution the university was full of religious bigots and beastophobics. Even the local Police unlike yours in the UK had very little training in S.O.D .S. every time I called at the local Police Station they laughed and one day some red neck sergeant said a pervert like me should be locked up. It came to a head when the Vice Chancellor said he could not allow Amanda to live in a University apartment. This shows you how backward Aus was at the time this was 6 years ago .  Fortunately through the campaign of the federation of British SODS organizations pressure was put on the Aus government. However it was too late for me and I had to resign.  I could not be separated from the love of my life. I was extremely lucky to eventually find a progressive University that not only helps me but also positively discriminates in favour of beastophiles.

However in anticipation of a law change in Aus, I am buying Amanda a lovely wedding gown in London

A.S Again we hear of truly wonderful story and with a happy ending. I do hope there has been a thorough investigation of that other university with the possibility of criminal prosecution and the same for those dreadful bigoted local Police.

 J.D That is why I did not mention the name because it would be sub judice, but I can tell you there will be a prosecution, which I will follow up with a civil case.

(There is suddenly a clap from the audience that turns into a standing ovation)

 A.S calm down everyone I know we don’t often hear such wonderful news but I must move to the next speaker the Reverend Deidre. So please Deidre you can explain the whole spiritual side of these unions and help some of our religious viewers and listener however a small minority they are. (Laugh from the audience)

 D.H. I am reminded of the hymn “All things bright and beautiful” this fully describes the sort of heart-rending stories we have heard. Of course I am very biblical and in this case Noah and his Ark inspire me. We also are reminded of St Francis of Assisi and his love of animals. But what is both exciting and spiritually gratifying for me is I shall be officiating at a number of these weddings. I have ordered a new gown and complete new outfit and we are giving the church a complete make over. We also have the famous Italian lighting designer Marco Banditi to create a complex affect during the weddings. We also got the composer Edie Diamante to compose a wedding anthem based on the out of date hymn “All creatures that on earth do well” the music is totally computer orientated and we have a choir who are the official SODS songsters who will be wearing their multi-sexual orientated outfits designed by an old friend of us all Les Catomite . These clothes will generate their own light to give them real spiritual authenticity. 

 A.S It so exciting to hear all this and I do hope you will invite me to your very wonderful church. You know it gives hope to have such a progressive clergy person on this media slot. I was a little apprehensive when my director told me someone was coming from the church, you get some really unsympathetic types of people in those sort of organization that cling to some very unpleasant and odious ideas about the sort of guilt thinge and also tend to be judgmental.  But once I knew it was you coming I felt an enormous sense of relief, now what you have said has filled me with joy. However we must get on to our last speaker and may I say last but not least professor Heinrich Hunden. May I call you Heini

HH Certainly not either Heinrich or Professor Hunden I will not tolerate shortening of names. This shows a sort of contempt to people’s individuality that you media people flourish on. You also have shown contempt to the animal partners of your guests.

As chairman of the Beasts Liberation Front I see how you people have manipulated your beast partners into an unequal and subordinate roles. It is a typical bourgeois and reactionary ploy to undermine animal rights. We of the Beast Liberation Front (His voice was reaching a crescendo and the blood vessels stood out on his face raw and purple) will in our eternal struggle to liberate all beasts destroy all reactionary people. Whatever the means we will use will justify our ends. It is better that we wipe out the whole of mankind in order to liberate one beast.

Just look at the woman who calls herself Holly, because apparently she could not establish a relationship elsewhere she exploits a poor pig to put up with her fantasies.

I have read the rubbish she writes about me and our liberation front in her glossy puerile magazine, which only plays lip service to the liberation of animals from their human masters. Does Oswald really want to be called Oswald or again is this her fantasy and her method of control.

Then we have that dreadful Deidre, that egocentric preening exhibitionist who will never understand the true spirituality of beasts and their burden. All she wants to do is to purvey reactionary fascist attitudes towards beasts and with her phony superstitious rubbish whilst introducing corrupting materialism to her devotees.

(At this juncture Arnold Sedgwick is waving desperately to the cameraman and the continuity lady to close down. He is trembling all over with large beads of sweat running down his nose.)

Then you have that Antipodean dead beat Joss Doday.  He lectures at some out of the way University. He has the temerity to take this poor Wallaby from it’s habitat and make him live among a bunch of decadent bourgeois running dogs at some tin pot Australian university.

Then you have S.ODS the filthy storm troopers intent on enslaving beasts for human delight. These will be the first to be liquidated when the Beast Liberation Revolution comes.

(At last Sedgewick is about to close the programme when there is an enormous commotion and onto the stage come dogs, pigs, goats and horses accompanied by men in black boiler suits and ski masks. They are all singing the words of the Beast Liberation front to the music of the Internationale and they go on to chanting Heinrich is our leader. The whole place is turmoil and there is a large dog ripping the flowing gown of Deidre the clergywoman while a large sow is munching at Joss Doday’s pony tail and an albino goat is trying to butt Holly Toyboy. Sedgewick is on his knees sobbing, a broken man.



The Adoration of the Television Set, and the death of family joy

One of the most devastating affects of Television has been to destroy so much joy in our societies. This is the joy of people entertaining or carrying out pastimes together. As you wander from street to street in most European towns and cities you see the familiar glow of either a Television set or a computer with the audience passively and silently watching. Families have turned into sedentary zombies and they sit fixedly on a million sofas watching some mindless soap. Gone are the board games on kitchen tables or the story telling or a myriad of things families once did.  As in church like silence the TV dominates, its winking screen has become the master of a million   families. Conversations are carried out in hushed reverential tones.  In each room the screen face god has its corner shrine like a pagan god in ancient times.  But those ancient pagan gods never received the same enormous piety as god TV has in 21st century Europe. Mothers devote their offspring’s childhood to it, people quote it’s great wisdom at workplace or where people gather. I think a modern artist could produce an enormous canvas titled “ The Adoration of the Television Set “ it would be a piece of relevant art in our society which could combine Renaissance painting with Socialist realism and perhaps a little of the Norman Rockwell stylisation.  It is quite remarkable to think that Television plays a far larger role in our post Christian era than God does. That is principally why our present society is seen to be sad and destructive.

The TV god also has its priest and priestesses that appear nightly on its screen preaching the revelation that their truth is the only truth. That there morality is the only morality. That human can only progress through the sight and sound of god TV. They tell us to sweep aside the stupid superstitious nonsense of religion particularly the Christian version and rely on the only truth that of which comes from god TV.
How can modern man or woman take notice of possibly perverted old codgers in robes preaching something 2000 years old that spoils our wonderful consumer society? The sooner these fellows are locked up the better for all or humanely receive psychiatric help from modern TV trained psychiatrists and come to accept the righteousness of god TV the better.

We must in a way accept that the power of Television is as powerful as any ancient god and it renders the same misery as those that believed in Molloch and child sacrifice. It believes in the culture of death that is so reminiscent of those ancient pagan gods and holds just as much sway as they did with so many people. Why is this because it all emanates from the same source Satan! It also as I began robs generations of the joy of simply having fun together, something that pleases Satan greatly. Innocent pleasures are something that is an anathema to the Evil one which he wishes to destroy forever. Television ultimately causes a slow cancerous misery to our modern society perverting all that is good and decent and achieving the sort of hell that will be the destiny for those who perform on it.


The couch potato marathon gold medal goes to Britain

It is wonderful to think how successful the Olympics will be in undermining the health of the Nation. As the great mass of “Armchair Sports Warriors’ crouch over their Televisions glued to every event they will be bombarded by the great “evangelists” of heavily processed food and sugary teeth removing drinks. Whether in the steady stream of adverts or the frontal assaults by sponsors, the Junk food purveyors will reach every home the length and breadth of the country. We can rest assured that in these weeks the foundations for more obesity, even greater morbidly fat people will be established among the great Olympic audience. . The nation must look upon this path to ill health as a great British achievement; we may even overtake the level of the USA, that nation with world beating gold medal obesity. Onward and forward Britannia will march with the Olympic flag unfurled to a more rotund and sicker future. This Olympics will be the advertisers holy grail that for generations they have been searching for.

The preposterous idea that is now being peddled that the Olympic will encourage sport is fortunately a government fantasy. The idea that the Television fatties will ever leave their beloved Television sets and actually do any form of physical exercise is a concept for those with seriously deluded minds. Most British people  believe  participating in any sport means watching it on television.  Any thought of leaving the umbilical cord of TV and actually physically being involved in a sport is strictly taboo; the people must not waste value time missing TV adverts or consummation of their favourite TV food. Any physical exercise may also   be detrimental to the happy apathetic state so vital to the nations well being. People only need the strength to operate their online shopping computer. The message from “the great and the good “ is our nation can only be at ease with itself if it is devouring large amounts of heavily processed food while enjoying the nirvana qualities of the British soap. Very sensibly the authorities have taken notice of the Jesuit maxim of the getting the message over at a young age and by that wonderful institution of School meals, children are introduced at an early age to a lifetime addiction to highly flavoured salty foods, by the all “caring” and wonderfully profitable catering industry. This has worked in conjunction with the all-wise medium of Television that has backed the sincere core values of the British catering industry and processed food producers, whose major concern has always been the health of the nation.

I think we should all be grateful that the British advertising and marketing industries have worked hard in harnessing the Olympic spirit to create greater consummation of all those products we associate with the well being of our nation. A great sense of satisfaction will emerge as the nation surveys their living rooms and look at the empty drink tins and food cartons surrounding the all important life enhancing Television set. Joy will also ring out through the boardrooms as the sales figures curve majestically upward. It is a time to rejoice for this British nation .


Is watching the BBC really worshiping at Satan’s altar rail?

One fortunate thing nowadays for all those who worship Satan is they have a very convenient means of contact to him. All they have to do is tune in to the BBC. It is so much easier nowadays - no need for Black Masses or saying some weird incantations or holding some orgies out in the countryside, which must be pretty uncomfortable in this climate.   No, at the switch of a button you are directly through to him via the miracle of the ether and now with the wonders of the Internet anywhere on the planet. So if you want to feast on the words and visions of the Evil One it is available on Radio, TV and the internet. Past Devil worshippers would have been absolutely delighted to be in the 21st century. You could say that the BBC at least for Satanists provides an excellent public service. It is good to know that we British can excel at something. The BBC is a world-beater in this demonic service.

Satan must get a warm glow even in hell when he hears the dulcet tones of those sterling men and women who devote their time to him at the BBC. You can imagine him with his group of demons rejoicing at the sound of the BBC personnel preaching his message. Every day more and more people via the BBC are recruited to his cause, they can become devotees of the “culture of Death” or apostles of every sexual deviation or they learn the wonders of half-truths and self-delusion from those wonderful experts at the BBC. But of course the BBC’s greatest accolade of all is the Pharisaic hypocrisy that saturates every fibre of its being.
So if you want to join forces with Satan, devote every minute of your time to the BBC. Make sure that even in your sleep you have the radio on low so even your subconscious is being educated in his ways. Make sure you give up all activities for 3 months to ensure you’re fully up to the standards Satan requires of you. Remember at the BBC you are with the best, they have a second to none devotion to Satan.

Although there cannot be much joy in Hell, there must be a feeling among the demonic forces of deep satisfaction at those defenders of Satan at the BBC.



Who needs the Great Outdoors when you have a TV screen?

There has never been an age where fantasy has dominated our lives to the extent it does today. This whole fantasy world comes to us by courtesy of Television and computer screen.

At present among many people the boundaries between reality and make believe are totally blurred. The artificial visual image via the screen has to many people become their only image of life. The other day I saw a man walking in a beauty spot with an earphone watching Television on his mobile phone totally unaware of the beautiful landscape around him or the chorus of birdsong. I came across a four-year-old boy that doggedly stayed indoors even on a fine day to play with his screen; he could not cope with the world outside his screen.  A vast number of people only want to be sat in front of a screen; they seem to fear any other sensations that might occur if they have physical contact with nature around them. With an army of devoted screen watchers those in control can easily ensure that the masses are all weaned away from any reality and can inhabit a world of total make believe.

 I am often amazed when conversing with reasonable intelligent people how they have now become incapable of delineating fact from fiction. One cause is the presentation of documentaries on Television. You get a whole range of silliness when you see some programme on say history, first the extremely irritating sound track with odd sounds and snatches of music, generally very loud and interfering with the dialogue. Then you have either a female with a squeaky voice or a male with stentorian tones, making dramatic gestures and emphasizing the last words of each sentence. Every single statement commands drama, from the trivial to the profound, so the poor audience cannot dissemble what is and what is not of significance. Then you have the camera work, where they keep flicking to and fro one scene to the next, this occurs in a timescale of seconds, so viewers get totally disorientated. Then the final stupidity is where the presenter changes clothes and puts on some absurd costume on. Parallel to these “documentaries” has been also the development of the ubiquitous drama documentary where fact and fiction are blended into some sort of pot pourri at the whim of the over inflated ego Television producer. This I believe has also  been purposefully done to lead the viewer to even greater realms of unreality.

The other great source of lunatic fantasy is the Internet where large numbers of quite deranged people post their paranoid view on anything from history to politics to economics. Then what is even worse is one has to put up with friends and colleagues reporting this rubbish back to you as if it has come from a divine source. These Internet contributors also all lack any semblance of a sense of humour because in 21st century people take their own personal views as sacrosanct whatever appalling old rubbish it is. Humour creates a balanced mind and unless we can laugh at ourselves each day we become like the insufferable fantasist bores on the Internet.

Of course our rulers love it they have a population that gets year by year easier to lead up the garden path. This of course is considerably aided by the demise of Christianity, because as Chesterton said once people give up being Christians they’re prone to believe in anything. I would go further and say that the mass of the population could soon be made to believe that there really are fairies at the bottom of my garden next to the compost heap!



The TV as a pre-op?

Surprisingly a week ago I found something quite beneficial about the Television and even more astonishing the BBC.

About 3 weeks ago I had to undergo a minor operation in a local hospital, where the staff are most considerate. I had to wait for about 3 hours, so they ensured that I had access to a magnificent Television set to while away the time.  Unfortunately in my rush and half famished state in the morning I had grabbed the wrong book and ended up with a very depressing tome on the Thirty Years War. So I thought I would give way to my normal prohibition and watch the TV.

I have not watched Television for many years so I thought this would be a useful opportunity to see what the programme content was. I was quite astonished by the dreadfulness of it. But the great thing was that I forgot all about my operation. I was absolutely fascinated with the awfulness of the presenters. My attention was completely rapt in what I saw. Nerves, fear of the operation just disappeared as I was literally glued to the screen

First I saw the News, which first you got some odd sounds followed by two inane people, a man and a woman, they both sported some daft grins most of the time with the occasional serious grimace. They were also very conscious of their hand and facial movements. I could not take in the news probably because I was mesmerised by these silly people. Then we had a programme about doing houses up and how much money people could make. This was exceedingly boring, but what made it worse the programme kept jumping around from one house to the next and I got completely lost. The presenter was a strident woman with a voice like a duck, she inflected her voice in a most unpleasant manner with emphasis at the end of each sentence it was an assault on the ears. I wonder if the good lady is married. One can imagine breakfast time with that voice over the cornflakes I do feel sorry for her husband. But perhaps her husband is also a TV presenter and they can compete vocally over the breakfast table as a preparation for their slog on TV. If they have children the breakfast table maybe an excellent training ground for their future career as TV presenters, thus continuing the family tradition of providing unpleasant tones on TV They can all quack together.

Next we had a programme about the good people in society and the bad. In this programme I definitely had more sympathy for the bad. The bad chap was a rather jolly chap who had been fiddling Benefits. He showed a certain pride and entrepreneurial spirit He was a bit of a Falstaffian figure with a large beer belly and I am sure a penchant for the good life. What irritated me most was the presenter’s mock moral indignation somewhat like but not as well done as a Victorian melodrama or as much fun. I am sure at this stage we were all supposed to hiss.  Next we had a saccharin sweet nauseating goody goody presenter with an especially patronising manner interviewing a lady who had the personality of soft toffee. The programme dealt with how she went round visiting the sick and other unfortunate people. I think if she came to visit me in my sick bed my condition would worsen rapidly. This interviewer dragged on with presenter putting that sort of synthetic sympathetic voice on that seems to drone like a vacuum cleaner. Every so often she gave a nodding motion as if she was attempting to give gravitas to it all. It was drenched in “Television sincerity “

Then suddenly I heard the nurse calling, I realised I had forgotten about the operation what a splendid thing TV was on this occasion.



How do you bring out a real Jekyll and Hyde re-enactment on the BBC Blog? -

Tell them you're a Catholic!

If one wants a bit of fun also to have a glimpse of the rather unpleasant side of humanity and have a glance of demonic force, try the following. However you will need a pretty thick skin and a need to be unshockable , I would not recommend this to the faint hearted

This is easier if you live in a city, but try and get acquainted with Media Folk, “progressives” and left leaning people. Television and Radio people would be the top choice. Keep quiet to begin with and look up at them showing a sense of awe, listening rapt to every to bit of their sublime wisdom. It is essential that they think you’re a devotee of their pro-abortion, pro Euthanasia and pro homosexual sex. They will go on and on, this stage is quite painful. You will have to hear the measured monotonic bureaucratic voice, with their catch phrases, sound bytes and jargon. It is best to silently pray if you can during their performance. You will feel a bit physically sick but swallow hard and keep a stiff upper lip. Occasionally you will have to give a wan smile this is difficult.

 Now you perform the “Coup de Gras” you look up and mildly say you are a Christian. Immediately the previous bonhomie disappears into an unpleasant scowl, the mouth curls and the insults begin. But the best has yet to come. You clearly, in a strident tone say that you are a devout Roman Catholic. You will see a real Jekyll and Hyde re-enactment, truly excellent for those studying drama. Their voices will change to a terrifying throaty rasping sound, foam will gather around their mouths and their eyes will express a hatred that will surprise you. It is slightly reminiscent of a Bateman cartoon but not as genteel.

This is the time to make a hasty retreat and go and have a drink or some soothing camomile tea. After that say a few prayers.

If you live in a small town or country, you may not have access to media folk, so there is another exercise one can try. This can also be performed by the less courageous. On the Internet there are numerous sites where you can place comments.

The BBC one is excellent for this exercise. You start to post comments with a pro-Christian, pro Catholic bias.  Very soon there will be an avalanche of hate comments against you; you will be frankly amazed. But do keep it up, because a lot of this hate mail is more destructive to the cause these people are espousing. You have to make every effort to enrage them as much as possible then people who read these comment pages can glimpse the evil that abounds. Most of these people have a fanatic streak, which causes them to go out of control. It is a bit like bull fighting

Anyway in the year of evangelising, we should post the Christian message.

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