Alan Marr - our own anti-TV humorist, reflections on the TV and those who watch it:


"Joy through Gloom”

There is no greater joy or pleasure that your media person has than spreading gloom wherever they can.

Gloom is one of Satan’s most potent tool. It corrodes the soul and renders people hopeless

Can you imagine any typical daily news briefing where all the participants salivate like hungry dogs as each bit of depressing piece of news comes in? They must bay like wolves in the pack as overseas images of death and destruction come in via satellite link ups.
Another scenario would be a group of programme makers producing a documentary on one of the endless social problems real or unreal in British society. They would go to any depth to bring about a sense of total hopelessness and futility. If you had an ounce of joy in you before you watched the TV it would soon be wrung out of you and suicidal feelings would enter even the most devout person.

We must also remember those doyens of gloom the economists and financial gurus, there is the refined gloom that only experts can provide, with their low key tremulous voices and their all knowing wise expressions, they are true masters of the genre.

Of course the real triumphantalist gloom producers are the soap opera makers. What magnificent artisans in the development of National gloom are they! The characters are grim and their conflicts and problems come to the fore each week. They portray a Britain of sad dysfunctional people.

But we must not forget those often neglected geniuses of gloom the Radio 4 playwrights. Such a play would be of a some poor homosexual character dying of AIDS in a Northern Irish slum menaced by religious fanatics (preferable Catholics) with the only sympathetic character being an Afro-Caribbean disabled lesbian who herself is the victim of racist and religious bigotry.

One thing you can guarantee about British media if you wake up feeling life’s quite pleasant and it is good to be alive, our British media boys and girls will soon remove any feelings of well-being that you may have had.

So if you want to have a little sunshine in your life go for a good walk and feed the ducks, but for heavens sake don’t go anywhere near a media outlet, unless you are one of those individuals who derive joy from gloom. Or you’re a media person and want to admire your handiwork.

Media chiefs accuse CUT of blasphemy/strong

How dare we criticize the mighty god Television

The media chiefs, those princes of the western civilization and culture,  cannot contemplate that such people as CUT members should even consider criticizing Television.
                We are the worst kind of deviates. Of course we members of CUT are ranked among these awful people. How dare we question the all-educating god television or criticize those great and noble people the broadcasters and presenters, it is blasphemy of the worst sort. Instead of our reprehensible behaviour we should bow our heads and pay homage to the god Television and the high priest and priestesses of it. Those sages that inhabit our screens bringing hope and joy to everyone. We are wrong and must ask the great and good of the media to pardon our foolish and stupid ways.
                We, like everyone else, should acknowledge Television’s great wisdom and model our lives on the truth spoken from the speakers on our TV. We must learn to accept that all religion is medieval superstition, that homosexual relationships are superior to all others, that abortion is always right, that all forms of sexual deviations should be practiced at all times, that traditional family life is a dangerous and archaic lifestyle, that the reason for our existence is to possess as many material goods as possible, that media people are superior to ourselves and celebrities are to be worshipped and copied. We must ensure at all times our children have continued and compulsory access to Television and we must insure by close questioning that they are fully absorbing the great Television wisdom. Those who are old or infirmed must have 24 hour a day Television so their last days are filled with the hope that only Television can give. We must search out and trap those who fail to appreciate the good that Television does for humanity and by every means make them mend their evil ways.
                Are we CUTS people going to mend our ways and give up old fashioned and stupid beliefs? When are we going to make the Television the centre of our lives and stop this foolish rebellion against the mighty god Television? Most of us, I am sure, could do with long periods of therapy so that we can lead the sort of fulfilled and contented lives that media people lead. When again like most people, the Television is the centre of our lives , we then can be judged as normal human beings and go on to a bright happy and carefree existence, much like the Brussels sprouts in my field.

An everyday tale of broadcasting folk

Alan Marr has sent us a transcript of a meeting at the Bigotry Broadcasting Corporation, or was it BLiesB? Regarding the best way to sneer at the Pope. Alan assures us that he did not indulge in any phone Hacking and it is in the best tradition of modern journalism – fictitious. Anyway the scene takes place deep the vaults of somewhere like Media City or broadcasting house or where-ever at the time of the papal election.

“Is that extension 508 Character Assassination Department? It’s the News Desk here. Who am I speaking to?”
“Oh it’s Julian”

“Well I have some good news, and some bad news. First the good news is those ghastly Roman Catholics have really dropped themselves in it this time they’ve elected a German Pope. Lots of super material for you and the Tabloids, Nazi Pope, Panzer Pope, SS Pope, you can have a real field day as long as you let the tabloids do the dirty work and you can make serious comments on it all. The bad news is the DG wants immediate action from you on this new Pope, she’ll be really in a frazzle, and she is in vendetta mode towards any Christians especially RCs.”

2 minutes later the phone goes.

“Julian here extension 508 Character Assassination department”

‘Julian It’s the DG Sandy Bickerstaff here, you’ve heard about this new Pope I want you to assemble a team immediately, dig anything you can find if you can’t find any NAZI connections, make them up. I want some really destructive stuff. I want you to pull out all the stops.”

 Julian starting to panic says.
“Look DG, I am in real trouble today.  Adrian our star is away and Deidre is at her self defence and assertive classes, you know she really is good at that she hospitalized her instructor last week.”

“Look don’t call me DG it’s elitist, call me Sandy, I want Action on this one, send out a taxi with security to round up Adrian and Deidre and I shall e-mail form 6661 to ensure you can have unlimited personnel drafted in on this project for the week. I don’t want any namby-pamby crap from you I want hard hitting menacing material. If you don’t carry out my orders I shall make sure you’re on the next redundancy list.”

“Thank you Sandy I will do my best” Julian stammers

Bickerstaff starting to enjoy her power for the first time today put on her ultra assertive voice. “Look Julian I want your team at conference at 1500hours in room 3333, ready and raring to go, I want 100% commitment from you, remember your life is this broadcasting company forget about anything else. I want total dedication”

She slams the phone on the floor. Moments later in another office the phone goes.

“Hello Sneering Department here ext333 Jeremy here”

“Hello Jeremy it’s Julian here, I had some super news from both the news desk and the DG, those dreadful reactionaries the Roman Catholics have been stupid enough to elect a German Pope I am sure you will be in on this sooner than later”

After a while Sandy returns to normal and grabs the phone
 “ Hello is that the broadcasting Sneers Department, it is Sandy here the DG,
Congratulations on winning “the European award for the best Sneerers in European broadcasting and having two members of your team getting the Golden Accolade, wasn’t it Benny and Celia. It is a bit odd that Celia won such a coveted award, she went to that elitist public girls school.”

“Anyway Jeremy get a team together and have them ready for any broadcasts dealing with the Pope both on Sound and Television I want to see you at conference room 3333 at 1500 hrs with your team hitting the ground and running. I want such demolishing Sneers that the listening and viewing public are utterly overcome with a nausea that sends them vomiting to the lavatory”

“Look Sandy I will have to prepare some Sneering voiceovers and bring the discs over”
“We want to decide how sophisticated we want the tone of sneering, Celia is good at the intellectual sneer and Benny more your Radio10 with his well defined Estuary English and WC overtones. I also have two newcomers very talented Sebastian who is wonderful on Regional’s and Vladimir who does a wonderful Welsh sneer. Of course we mustn’t forget Danny whose Glaswegian sneer is second to none. I am very proud of my department after a day here; I sit down with my Tofu ready meal and listen to some of the day’s highlights on disc. Nobody realizes what a wonderful art form Sneering is and here we are the best in the world”

“Look Jeremy I like people to have some pride in their work but I’m worried that you are starting to sound elitist, I’ll book you into to see our in house therapist. Anyway see you at 1500hours.”

Time goes by and the very important meeting in room333 comes to fruition.

Sandy arrives she is dressed in a power suit. “Hello everyone, welcome to the inaugural meeting for rubbishing that new Pope, I will not chair this meeting my new associate Amanda who has been graciously lent to us by Australian Broadcasting who were keen for her to come to us, they needed to update their techniques. Peter over there will take minutes and these will come under the Ultra confidential cat and be stored encrypted in room1111”.

Amanda was a very thin with skeletal body and a complexion resembling a cadaver, she spoke with a slight Australian accent with a distinctive whining nasal tone. She wore ethnic sarong that made her look like a piece of washing on the line. On her feet she had a pair of army surplus boots that were needed to stabilize her.  

 “Right you guys we will get a few introductions I am Amanda and in Aussie I specialized in gender consciousness and ethnic identity.” So we will go round the table.

At that moment Julian limps in having injured himself doing some oriental exercise. He looks like an advertising man of the 1950’s, bow tie, linen jacket and khaki slacks. He is unshaven with an enormous mop of dirty brown hair and a pronounced red drinker’s nose.
“I am Julian - Character Assassination Department and I have been working hard since Sandy’s call”

“Next” says Amanda in a dismissive tone

 “I am Jeremy head of voice over Sneering department, I will be playing some of my sample discs, I do think you will like them”

Jeremy has a very conventional look about him tweed jacket twill trousers. To all intent and purpose a school master from a minor public school. What betrays he isn’t such an animal is his make-up. Amanda casts here eyes at Josiah without saying anything. Josiah is an extremely large African who glows with well-being he seems totally out of place with this gloomy lot. His skin shines the reflection of the fluorescent tube overhead that gives him a sort of angelic look.

 “I am Josiah and I head the Gay and Lesbian promotion department I don’t like my job, I am not Gay and I don’t like being with a load of them. “They also keep touching me I have to spend a lot of time locking myself in the store cupboard.”

Sandy intervenes, “Look Josh I wanted ethnic minority representation in this vital department probably the most important of all our departments. Anyway our religious affairs department as always up to recently had atheists , to keep a sort of balance, we have had recently to give way on ethnic balance and have some idiot who believes in the existence of God, a gross mistake albeit a political one. So what is the problem having a straight like you in this department, your indifference must be a wonderful aphrodisiac to the gays, it’s a pity you do not try it.”

“Hello I am Francesca, woman rights, pro-choice and I loathe those bloody Catholics who have the audacity to question my views.”
 Francesca is a very large angular lady with very long arms that seem to flail out in a sort of windmill action, her face portrays dark small lips that form a sort of sphincter when she speaks, her eyes are dead like a few day old fish on the slab

Hello I am Graham, Logistics, Intelligence and co-ordination, my job is to ensure we know every movement of the Pope and ensure as much as resources permit coverage of all demos against him some of course we will organize through our outstanding social network. Graham is a grey man with a grey suit and a grey face. He resembles someone who has a total disdain for humanity.

“Good Good I can see we’ve got a great team here so next we will work out formal procedures followed by a critical path programme and progress system. From this we will work out the maximum resources that we can put on this project,”

Amanda concludes her bulging fluorescent bright eyes her long talon like hands shaking and her whole body in an almost ecstatic sway. There was a stimulating feeling of power that was most thrilling as she addressed everyone.
Finally she said “We’re going to destroy everything we can in the creditability of this man “

Graham got up. “Look you guys I would like to propose a sub-committee which I can chair, we need to know well in advance of this Pope’s visits so we can not only co-ordinate all the departments here but all our friends outside who can participate in doing as much as we can to discredit his visits. Francesca jumps up “I second that”
Amanda says  “Shall we take a vote on that’.
All the hands shot up.

Graham seeing his chance to make policy calls for another vote. “When reporting on anything the Pope does, where he goes and what he says we must always focus on any protests, even if the protesters are greatly outnumbered by those cheering the Pope. Anyone reporting on the Pope in a positive way will be exiled to Siberia ... err sorry I meant the gardening programme. And anyone who alludes that I was once in the pay of the KGB will join them.”

Amanda “Excellent. Shall we take a vote on that’.

All the hands shot up.

“Now our next meeting “boomed Sandy ‘
“I propose in 14days”

All Agreed

The Great Leap Forward

Television has been the promoter and “flag waver “ for the culture of death for at least 30 years. Now soon the ‘Great Leap Forward” in this culture will be with us, with the possible legalization of assisted suicide. For those devotees of this culture the circle will have finally been completed. One can see the joy that will emanate from every orifice of the BBC if this comes true. We must not either forget the commercial boys who will have the enormous and wonderful challenge of marketing it all.

Of course the word suicide will soon be dropped. It will probably be called the holiday of a lifetime where you never need to go home. Of course the centres set up to kill people will not be the amateur efforts that the Swiss now indulge in. No, these will be large family friendly centres ranging from holiday style camps to stately homes, together with those eco-friendly people who want to be killed in the middle of a wood. The international leisure consortiums will of course take the whole project over. Television of course will play its very vital role in promotion, either for free via the BBC or of course at cost via the commercial media. The advertisers on commercial stations will be exceedingly grateful for the revenue. We must not forget the wonderful opportunity for the program makers who can do a lot of “in depth features on these centres. They can show not only the happiness that is generated there but also the so-called “ compassionate” nature of the operative who terminate people.

One of the great benefactors of course will be the Treasury. Here will be a wonderful chance to save taxpayers money. They will be able to not only get rid of the terminally ill, but the handicapped the disabled, the unemployed and everyone dependent on the public purse. Even those pensioners that have lived too long could be for the chop. The possibility of removing so many people could make Gt Britain PLC for the first time a cost effective nation. Of course the NAZI s pioneered a lot of these ideas, but unfortunately they did not have the sophisticated marketing on Television we have today so they got rather a bad name. With our modern marketing executives and advertising men, “compulsory” Euthanasia will be made to look as holy as Mother Teresa. Soon with the efforts of Television there will be an uncontrolable stream of people wanting to die and Television persuasion will have reached it’s zenith.

Of course additional profits can be made from these assisted suicide centres, with the wonderful opportunity to harvest organs. Britain can become a world leader in supplying organ replacement. With every centre having a heliport organs can be rushed to where there needed within minutes of the e-mail request. This of course will be another source of income for the TV advertisers ensuring there is a vibrant market for organs.

We are lucky in the UK to have a Television service that is already superbly equipped for such a wonderful project. I look forward to the day when a centre is open for the "processing" of people with the highest dignitaries in the land cutting the opening ribbon to the tune of the "Teddy Bears Picnic" played by the Grenadier guards. The whole occasion will be covered of course by the BBC with a dignified Dimbleby style commentary.

Beelzebub Broadcasting Corporation - Salford

Oh dear oh dear what have the hard working folk of Salford done to deserve having “ Satan’s Warehouse” otherwise known as the BBC Television Centre, being shortly placed in their midst. Soon all types of evil will emanate from this building poisoning the whole atmosphere of the place. Worst still the TV presenters and their echelon may venture into the streets of Salford spreading their toxic spirits, filling every pub and shop with an ordure that fills all good souls with despair. I suppose if I were a good citizen I would wonder why a plague such as the BBC had arrived at my home and hearth.     Many of these poor souls will rush to their Priest, Minister, Imam or Rabbi: demanding an answer to protect them from this new ordeal. Others will gaze up skyward totally bewildered at this new menace, wondering what had befallen them. The only ones who will gain some status will be those who are preaching that the end of the world is nigh; because of the BBC arrival and it’s devastating affect, they will have some credibility. It will be a time of wailing and gnashing of teeth from corner store to pub to fish and chip shop.

But as a CUT member I can give both Help and Hope to the good people of Salford.
Firstly many of the BBC great and good, will not be able to face the Northern Grit and the common sense of these Salford folk. They have been cosseted too long among the effete of the Metropolis gaining sustenance from their fellow “guardianistas” in Hampstead and Notting Hill Gate, feeding like maggots on the corpse of what was once a great city London. They will be terrified to leave their rat’s nest in London. While others will go to Salford but in the new environment may end up like dazzled rabbits in a car headlight and in their disorientation self-destruct. But what we all hope for is that many will see the light in Salford. Many of us hope that Salford will be the road to Damascus for so many BBC people.

Why this may occur can be found in the very nature of Salford. They have a magnificent Roman Catholic tradition there, with a cathedral to support it. Through the prayers within in its confines might bring salvation to those beleaguered BBC employees who have been hidden from the light for so long We also have a long tradition of industry and common (Northern) sense that may prove far stronger than the transient trendy believes of the TV people. In the end it may prove the salvation of the BBC. We can only live in hope. But in the meantime as the Boy Scout motto goes you people of Salford be prepared. Don’t let the weasel words of TV personalities and presenters; change your solid Salford selves.  Do not despair you brave men and women of Salford , you must show your Northern mettle and reform these Television popinjays.

Don't use the TV as a babysitter - Mrs Robinson

As a parent I deprived my children of what one can describe as the complete parent, “Television”, and even worse they never knew until adulthood who Mick Jagger was.
               You see, the all embracing parent “Television” gives a child everything and ensures that child will grow up to fit into our modern society. So from a year old park your child in front of the TV attending only to its feeding and lavatorial needs, and let the Television do the rest.
               Soon s/he will make his or her early steps in acquiring what is the most important quality we all so dearly cherish in our society: that of becoming a consumer. From his go-chair he will start to demand all the goodies that the supermarket can provide. His or her tones will become more strident as you pass the chocolate counter or the array of crisp packets. Now as a parent you can take pride in the fact that your offspring has become a consumer, his (her) first steps on a lifetime of endless consuming. The retail executives feel a glow as they see each child in raucous tones demanding the myriad of wares; they spend so much on advertising. Soon, as the child develops, his hunger will increase, from useless plastic toys made for pennies but retailing for pounds, to every form of gadgetry. Television has done a fine job with the new member of the society that believes paradise is here on earth in the superstore. He or she is now well prepared for adulthood.
               Television is a many faceted nurturer and educator. Soon children will learn that the only adults who have any relevance in their lives are those seen on the screen. Whether it’s the aggressive monosyllabic soap opera stars or the prancing presenters of children’s programmes who themselves behave as childishly as their viewers. As everyone knows we all learn by example and who as a child wants to learn from boring Mum and Dad who are often too tired or too indolent anyway to care for their children. Anyway Mum and Dad spend most of their own leisure time watching TV, so the child develops in the manner of those he sees on TV, just like all the other kids on the street. So he may have Australian intonation, the aggressive phrasing of “Eastenders” and the mixture of “Mockney” and West Indian from the pop culture. This child is really developing in the image that every good TV executive adores. His parents must now feel so much at home having created a child that resembles what they watch on TV, how comforting!
               Of course we must not forget what is considered just as vital as being a consumer in our world; SEX. With Televisions in every bedroom the child can explore those programmes that can introduce him to all kinds of sexual behaviour and show how it is a recreational activity akin to something like table tennis, but more fun. Every deviation and perversion the child has the privilege of discovering is backed up by what he discovers on the Internet. Today’s child will not be ignorant, and ill prepared for every sexual adventure like his predecessors. No, he will be ready at the earliest of ages to experience sexual permutations that only the really dissipated in earlier times could get up to. We have come a long way in the sexual revolution thanks to the wonder of our Television.
               Our Television parented child is well prepared to join our present day society. Some of you will think the author of this piece quite neglectful of his children for not giving them the privilege of a TV upbringing.

Hieronymus Bosch TV 

I have found a use for Television! I think it can help save the souls of us all. You remember those early paintings one sees depicting souls going to Hell, such as seen in the pictures of Hieronymus Bosch and Van den Weyden. Their images are terrifying enough to have acted as a deterrent to those miscreants who saw them. They still frighten me!
               If you want to see worse and more deterring images they are readily available. Just remember, as you are preparing to commit one of the seven deadly sins, there is one way to help prevent you doing so. Go to the newspaper and look up a TV programme. Ensure you find one of those really super discussions, ones with the “Great and the Good”; you know the one, a mixture of rabid militant anti-Christian “thinkers”, whining egocentric politicians, thick celebrities, media people and to add to the mix a couple of Gay and Lesbian rights activists.  Then proceed to a neighbour’s house that has a Television, taking them a present, preferably strong drink. They will need a drink because they will think you have gone mad and you will certainly need one after seeing these people on TV.
               Then switch on and allow yourself about ten minutes, fifteen at the outside. You must carefully observe the faces especially the mouths. Listen to the strident tones especially if there are women in the discussion. Do concentrate on the whole image. Really soak yourself in the total unpleasantness of it all. Listen to every sneer, listen to the poisonous ridicule, and observe the lying eyes and the flaccid lips. It is all very toxic .It will be an image that even Hieronymus “awful” Bosch would have trouble reproducing. Mind you it would have been a wonderful source of faces for him, he probably would have ended up truly frightening himself. 
               After you have turned off, consider those are the sorts of people that you will be encountering in Hell. You are getting a really good preview; it is like the trailer of a film of what damnation leads to. Do you want to spend eternity with that lot? Somehow the traditional image of burning lakes of fire is somewhat more appetizing. Even the goat horned Satan and his demons look quite mild in comparison. Of course we hope all these TV people we see will change. Redemption is possible.
               To reinforce the imagery perhaps you can get a DVD of this programme and every time temptation rears its evil head you can project the image on the dining room wall as a deterrent and also to help you get slim by putting you off your food. In an emergency CUT readers who do not have any images can switch on Radio 4. This has some deliciously dreadful discussion programmes that make one quite sick and can equally act as a deterrent against sin. I hope I am not recommending a lot of suffering for my readers, but perhaps it will be worth it if I can save them from Hell. Medicine is seldom nice.

Of campervans and televisions

I spent my recent holiday camping. What fascinates me is the behaviour of fellow campers. They can be divided into two species, the tent brigade and the Camper Van group. The tent people are generally individualistic, sociable and enjoy the outdoors, while the campervan people are like snails, they want to take their home with them. When you come from a suburban paradise, what can be expected.
               One immediately realises from distinct behaviour patterns, strangely common to all nations, the need of the campervan people for security, and to be surrounded by things that are familiar to them. Being in another country can be quite unsettling; the people speak other languages and have odd habits , like picking their teeth in public.
               First they arrive on site and level their campervan to an engineer’s accuracy. Then the most important task starts: that of fixing up their TV. They may be in a place of natural beauty with an azure sky, sounds of gently lapping waves and the air smelling of exquisite scents, but Tele must come first. Often for an hour they clamber with aerial or satellite dish in the area around their van to find out how they can get the best reception; they perform Herculean gymnastics to set up their apparatus up. It would be an enormous loss to them if they could not watch their favourite soap or drool over some banal game show. Forget about nightingales singing, or the chirp of grasshoppers on a starlit night.
               These van people want to hear the chirp of their TV hosts. No romance of walking hand in hand through sylvan glade with moonlight casting ghostly shadows on lovers’ entwined hands. No, our love is telly made. No listening to the rustle of wind in leaves or the distant owl’s hoot piercing the night air No, our sound comes from a hi-fi speaker on our TV.
               Then of course the feeding habits of these people. Everything has been brought from the home country frozen, wrapped hygienically in cling film and carefully selected in their local supermarket. No foreign rubbish for us, no danger of gippy tummy and frequent lavatory visits. No nasty smell of garlic or mouth engulfed in oily foods. Mum knows best and all that foreign food cannot be good for you. Anyway it’s cheaper to bring your own and you don’t need to leave the van. So after your burger dinner, pull down the blinds and switch on the TV, it’s nearly as good as being at home!
               Next day of course will be Van worship day, where hours will be spent lavishing love and care on the van. Buckets of water , shampoo, chamois leathers, sponges come out, with loving and tender hands the van is cleaned. If I believed in reincarnation I would like to come back as a camper van; no man or woman gets such tender care from their spouse. Suddenly it shines with almost celestial joy, sometimes in odd moments one could believe the camper van had a soul of some long lost relation, tormented in life but as a campervan given that tender care they never had in life.
               The windscreen smiles and the chrome trims sparkle in the morning sun to greet a new happy day. Exhausted, the owner flops into his deckchair while his ever conscientious wife brings him a cup of instant coffee, for him the nectar of the gods. What a wonderful life.

Is the TV really an anti-UFO defence system?

As the days get shorter and we have dark misty nights here in rural Wales our thoughts go to mystery and things that go bump in the dark. I suppose we all have this childish inclination to savour a bit of fear. On a winter’s night there is nothing better to while away the time with ghost stories.
                It is also the season of UFOs. Everyone claims to have seen one, usually described as large glowing objects that disappear. Perhaps they exist; perhaps not. But probably the reason why we cannot be sure is that those beings who travel in them do not seem too keen on landing and making our acquaintance.
                One wonders why they are so reluctant to drop in and say hello. I have come up with a possible reason. As they voyage in our direction they must pick up years and years of our TV broadcasts.  Can you imagine what the reaction of these hyper intelligent beings is to the moronic and banal rubbish that’s churned out daily? They must find it excruciatingly painful, like some mental Chinese water torture.
                Of course they may also have another reaction. They may believe that we humans have devised a way in which we can render others brain dead by sending these transmissions into outer space. So that human beings are highly dangerous with their ability to turn intelligent beings into mindless moronic beings, thus rendering them helpless vulnerable couch potatoes. A very sophisticated defence system it must appear to be to these space travellers.
                Either way it does give a good explanation why we are not visited by aliens from outer space.  If you were them would you venture here?





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