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Jimmy Savile scandal: BBC will suffer 'lasting damage to its reputation' Digital Spy 31/10/2012
The BBC will suffer "lasting damage" to its reputation over the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, a new poll has suggested.  The survey indicated that less than half of British people now trust the BBC ... CUT – Many Catholics have not trusted the BBC for a long time.

BBC news chief pleads with staff not to Tweet about 'our problems' Telegraph 13/11/2012
... Ms Unsworth sent an email to the corporation's staff saying: "It would be helpful if some of our problems were not played out publically across social media ... CUT - follow Edward Bottrell on twitter for latest CUT tweets.

BBC reporting scrutinised after accusations of liberal bias
Trust chairman Lord Patten launches new impartiality review into corporation's coverage of religion, immigration and Europe. BBC reporting scrutinised after accusations of liberal bias. mediaGuardian 10/10/2012CUT – However, do the Guardian and the BBC know the real meaning of the word liberal’.

Ban under-threes from watching television, says study
Doctors and government health officials should set limits, as they do for alcohol, on the amount of time children spend watching screens - and under-threes should be kept away from the television altogether, according to a paper in an influential medical journal published on Tuesday. mediaGuardian 9/10/2012 CUT – yet another CUT campain

Terry Pratchett assisted suicide documentary Choosing to Die wins Grierson British Documentary Award Telegraph 7/11/2012
Terry Pratchett's documentary Choosing to Die, about assisted suicide, has won best documentary on a contemporary theme at the Grierson British Documentary Awards.  CUT – The TV world supports the Culture of Death how else would evil win an award?

Richard Desmond's adult TV boss to run Channel 5
The executive who runs Richard Desmond's adult channels including Red Hot TV is to be handed responsibility for running Channel 5, which broadcasts children's programmes such as Peppa Pig and Fifi and the Flowertots. CUT – Pornographers now run mainstream TV.

More E, vicar? Reverend to take ecstasy on TV for controversial drugs documentary
A female vicar is set to spark outrage by taking ecstasy on a controversial new Channel 4 programme about drugs.  CUT – hasn’t anyone told them that drugs are illegal and like the TV harmful?

The majority of TV viewing is now ‘on-demand’ for one in four Britons, and 41 per cent of 18-24 year olds. One in three owners of internet-connected TVs primarily watch programmes through built-in services such as the iPlayer and film services such as LoveFilm and Netflix. CUT – If so many people have stopped watching the BBC its time to scrap the licence fee and privatise it

Don't like the licence fee? Simple. Don't pay it Telegraph 09/11/12
... For all of my adult life, I’ve never owned a television. In the past, this meant that one was limited to watching videos, which was extremely limiting. These days, however, with the advent of DVDs and the internet, there is not a huge difference between having a television and not having one. CUT –That the BBC by making their programmes available ‘on demand’ via an iplayer they may be possioning themselves for a new form of tax – on computers. And remember its only legal to watch on computers provided it not at the same time as it is being broadcast live. The BBC should be paid for only by those who watch it i.e. by subscribers only.

New DG George Entwistle puts programme makers first
BBC Online 18/9/12
The BBC's new director general George Entwistle has said he will put programme makers and delivering "outstanding creative originality" at the heart of the organisation. CUT – shouldn’t he have said puts the viewers first, perhaps putting the BBC first was his mistake?

BBC is full of liberals afraid to mock Islam (says veteran of the BBC) Mailonline 12/9/2012
A respected BBC broadcaster has claimed television is dominated by ‘liberal sceptical humanists' who laugh at Christianity but are afraid to mock Islam. Roger Bolton, a former editor of Panorama, said an obsession with human rights over religious beliefs had left corporation bosses out of touch with the public. CUT – funny ... they’re always so ‘brave’ when it comes to Catholics.

'Religious hogwash': Jeremy Paxman rapped over using phrase to introduce Bible story on Newsnight MailOnline 1/8/12
Newsnight host Jeremy Paxman offended Christians by using the phrase ‘religious hogwash' to introduce the Bible story of Genesis, a report has ruled. A viewer complained to the corporation that an interview between Mr Paxman and atheist Professor Richard Dawkins on the show had been biased and offensive to Christians. CUT – Carful Jeremy ... God is even more powerful than you and Newsnight!

Bonking at the Beeb: why BBC staff can't keep their hands off each other Telegraph 26/09/2012 When Caroline Thomson lost her bid to become DG of the BBC, she decided to go with a bang: she has blown the lid off the BBC's biggest secret. No, it's not cabs ferrying talent between London and Leeds, or the fat cat salaries drawn by the top echelons of the corporation. No, Thomson's revenge lies in exposing the fact that staff are all at it – with one another. From Andy Marr (recently caught canoodling with one of his producers) backwards, the Beeb is a cauldron of sexual tension. You could make an old-style sex romp about it – Carry On Auntie. CUT – If BBC employees are so over sexed does this explain their output? The BBC tribe - over sexed, over paid and over exposed.

Peppa Pig making 'children naughty', parents fear - The Daily Telegraph 10/1/2012
Yesterday it was claimed that parents were turning against the behaviour of Peppa, the naughty cartoon pig, and her brother, George, because their offspring were frequently mimicking their antics.  One father complained his four-year-old son had taken to splashing in muddy puddles on the way to school, imitating Peppa's favourite past-time, while others noted that their children now shouted "chocolate cake!" whenever they were asked what they would like for breakfast - just like George pig.  CUT – Once again the TV is shown to have a detrimental effect on the behaviour of children.

How the badly maimed BBC can stand up to parasitic Sky - mediaGuardian 2/1/2012
The BBC wins again. In the Christmas ratings war, the BBC trounced the competition as it always does. A pointless silly-season contest, but it's a national reminder that Britain's good broadcasting comes thanks to Lord Reith's legacy. CUT - Why is the Guardian so anti-Sky using words like parasitic to describe them? Could it be that the BBC places so much advertising with the Guarding or is it just that like the Guardian the BBC has been described as very ‘Politically Correct’ and left/liberal? Or perhaps it is both?

Vatican attacks BBC's 'senseless hypocrisy' Telegraph 05/10/2011
The Vatican has condemned the BBC’s suggestion that religiously “neutral” terms should be used instead of “BC” and “AD” during discussions of history on air. CUT – We wonder how the BBC will retaliate perhaps they will accuse the Vatican of building nuclear weapons and send in a commando force let by Jeremy Paxmon? They have accused the Church of virtually everything else.

'Educational' TV for under-2s could stunt their development
'Educational' television programmes aimed at the under-twos do nothing to stimulate them and could actually stunt their development, according to new guidelines on the subject. Telegraph 05/10/2011. CUT – It seem providential that yet another scientific condemns the TV for the harm it does to children. Yet apart from the Telegraph it was largely ignored again especially by the TV companies. Telegraph on-line 17/10/2011

Gaddafi death video: BBC defends use of 'shocking' images. The Daily Mail 3/10/2011
Broadcasting footage of Muammar Gaddafi being manhandled was justified to convey scale of events, says corporation. A senior BBC News executive has defended the corporation's use of "undoubtedly shocking and disturbing" video of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in his dying moments. CUT – This was broadcast at 6pm just after children’s programmes. This was very irresponsible for it is well known that children can be traumatized but the news. Having a grisly video of a dying tyrant is no excuse to broadcast it.

Chris Patten: 'The BBC is a moral force'Observer 19/9/2011
In his first major interview since being appointed chairman of the BBC Trust, Chris Patten talks about the 'marvellous television' he has been watching and why BBC staff should stop moaning about moving north. CUT – Does Chris Patten live in a parallel universe where the BBC is fair and un-biased? But not everyone agrees with Mr Patton and the Observer:

Coming to the BBC, an everyday story of bias and falling standards 26/10/2011Telegraph blog. [Lord Patten pictured outside Broadcasting House]
There are very few institutions – maybe only the monarchy, the Armed Forces and Parliament – that express what it means to be British more than the BBC. The state broadcaster enjoys a very privileged place indeed at the heart of our national conversation. But this, in turn, means that there is an implicit deal between it and the British people.
                On the one hand, the BBC is funded by public money and given a semi-monopoly of broadcast news coverage. On the other, the BBC is by charter expected to reflect the British values of fair-mindedness, decency and tolerance. Sadly, it is only very rarely that the BBC keeps its side of the bargain, and this negligence is starting to become a scandal. Rather than representing the nation as a whole, it has become a vital resource – and sometimes attack weapon – for a narrow, arrogant Left-Liberal elite. CUT – Is it time to be able to direct your licence fee to the channels one actually watches and support. The technology exists!

Here’s an e-petition we should all support: that ‘children’s TV should carry a government health warning William Oddies Catholic Herald blog 13/10/2011
Whether you agree that Catholics should actually Unplug their Televisions, we need to understand that this is a dangerous medium. CUT – many thanks to all who took part in the blog debates. We held our ground well which shows we have nothing to fear when it comes to defending our position. Also to Dr Oddie and Dr Shaw for instigating these on-line debates.

'Passive' TV can harm your baby's speech making it harder for them to later cope in school 29/10/2011 Mail Online
Children are 'as vulnerable' to the effects of casual exposure to TV as they are to secondhand smoking. CUT – Which is why CUT is calling for a government health warning.

Corrie faces ratings crisis as viewers switch off outlandish storylines with 'too many' gay characters 10/07/2011 Mail Online
Since 1960 it has been one of the  best-loved shows on television. But only six months after celebrating its 50th anniversary, Coronation Street is facing a ratings crisis. More than a quarter of viewers have switched off amid complaints about outlandish storylines. CUT – The new producer is ‘Gay’ and has decided to fill the Street with Homosexuals. It has subsequently lost a quarter of its audience. Perhaps we should be surprised that it only a quarter.

Xbox addict, 20, killed by blood clot after 12-hour gaming sessions 30/07/2011 Mail Online
A mourning father has sent out a plea to other parents to protect their children from the dangers of playing computer games. Blood clot victim, Chris Staniforth, 20, died after spending up to 12 hours at a time playing on his Xbox. The gaming enthusiast suffered a blockage to his lungs when he developed deep vein thrombosis – commonly associated with passengers on long haul flights where they are relatively immobile for hours on end. CUT – Children must be active especially in their earlier days to develop both their minds and their bodies. However, if parents just use the TV or the video game to keep their children occupied they will not develop and this can lead to an early death.

This week's cover: How 'Glee' is leading TV's gay-teen revolution EW.com (Entertainment Weekly) 20-01-2011 Gay teens are suddenly popping up in major roles all over television, with Glee’s popular pairing of Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) leading the way. CUT – A CUT supporter recently said he’d never met a homosexual they must all be on TV. There are apparently ‘Glee’ clubs popping up in many schools. ‘Glee’ is about a choir club at an American high school. However, one of the main story lines revolves around the ‘Gay’ couple, so whilst the music is beautiful and choral it is in fact very subversive. Soon perhaps homosexuality among teenagers may be as common as atheism.


Rhianna's pop porn is polluting young minds The Daily Mail 23/3/2011
In the ordinary course of life, young teenagers would have no need whatsoever to know about sadomasochism. But thanks to the increasingly revolting music industry, they are now all too familiar with almost every permutation of the sex act. CUT – Pop celebrities have power but many care little of their responsibility towards their audience which includes many children.

BBC 'needs complaints ombudsman' The Independent 29/3/2011
The BBC needs an independent ombudsman to deal with complaints against it, the corporation's former chairman Lord Grade said today.  He told the House of Lords Communications Committee complaining to the corporation was "a grisly experience". 
Lord Grade, who also served as BBC1 controller during his career, said: "Since I've left the BBC, I've had two serious complaints that I've been involved in against the BBC and that has been such a grisly experience that I have to say now I think an ombudsman is absolutely the answer.  I think that one of the problems of dealing with the BBC in a complaint is how long it takes them." CUT – Complaining to the BBC is like shouting at a destructive tornado, it does not care about the damage it does.

BBC Radio 3's Wuthering Heights to turn the airwaves blue
The Guardian 22/3/2011
First BBC Radio 4 found itself in trouble after broadcasting a profane variation on culture secretary Jeremy Hunt's name. Now Radio 3 is preparing to turn the airwaves blue as it broadcasts a new adaptation of Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights.  Cathy and Heathcliff will disrupt Radio 3's usually genteel air on Sunday evening with what the station warns are "strong expletives" in a production that attempts to shed new light on the characters. 
The programme will broadcast at 8pm on Sunday. Radio does not have a 9pm watershed for content likely to cause offence in the same way as TV does. CUT – Everything the BBC touches eventually turns to dust and decay. BBC Radio is funded by the TV licence fee.

TV viewing time 'underestimated'BBC Online 5/3/2011
The average adult watches TV for an hour longer per day than they think, a survey for TV Licensing suggests. Industry figures suggest people watch more than 30 hours of TV a week but the 2,066 adults in the online survey said they watched an average of less than 20 hours of TV a week in January.  CUT – addicts of all kinds are usually in denial.

The BBC does have anti-Christian bias - but the feeble Church of England is also to blame for letting them get away with it Mail Online 1/6/ 2011; see The BBC anti-Christian bias
According to a survey of BBC viewers, conducted by the Corporation itself, the BBC is regarded as anti-Christian. The survey found that Christians are portrayed with 'derogatory stereotypes' and presented as 'weak' and 'bigoted'. Arrogantly, the BBC has dismissed the findings of its own report. A spokesman says it 'has strict editorial guidelines on impartiality' and that it 'does not have anti-Christian bias'. What breathtaking contempt for the findings of their own viewers. Why spend licence fee payers' money conducting the survey if the findings are to be dismissed so quickly and high handedly? CUT – BBC are showing themselves up for what they really are.

Child, 10, wins ban on TV advert for 'torture porn' horror film Saw 3D MailOnline 12/1/2011       
A frightened 10-year-old has been hailed as a viewers’ champion after winning a banning order on an TV advert for a gratuitous horror film. The trailer for the film Saw 3D, which had been cleared for screening with a post-7.30pm restriction, was described as 'distressing' and 'inappropriately scheduled' by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).  CUT – The child is parent to the adult c.f. William Wordsworth for what it’s worth.

t's Porn! Channel 4's The Joy of Teen Sex Slammed
D Express 9/1/2011
A shocking Channel 4 show, which teaches teenagers Kama Sutra positions, was last night labelled as "porn" by the leading broadcasting watchdog. ‘The controversial series The Joy Of Teen Sex goes out after the watershed on January 19 and contains graphic images of lesbian sex and also offers a ...’ CUT – we’ve decided to stop there; needless to say this is another shameful programme from a channel with no ideas or morals.

Jamie Oliver's most stomach-turning TV show yet? Boys on new C4 series asked to donate sperm samples for biologyMailOnline 22/2/2011
Channel 4 is facing a storm of criticism over Jamie Oliver's new TV series which features two teenage boys being asked to produce sperm samples for analysis in a science class. The scenes will be featured in Jamie's Dream School, in which he attempts to turn around a group of troubled teenagers by sending them to a school run by celebrities.
                Lord Winston, who has presented a string of BBC documentaries on human development, admitted in a newspaper article yesterday: ‘It was as close to the edge as you could get but that's how I wanted my lessons to be’. CUT – Jamie Oliver has been hailed as bringing common sense to school meal. However, his bad language and this piece of stomach-turning evil exposes the truth behind yet another TV celeb.

Children see too much sex on television and are being forced to grow up too fast, say parents
Raunchy television shows and adult-like clothes are forcing children to grow up too quickly, parents say. Explicit advertising campaigns and ‘too adult' soap operas are also to blame, a study for the Department for Education found. MailOnline 11/4/2011 CUT – Then why do these parents keep the TV?

BBC accused of being 'cheerleader for assisted suicide' after filming man killing himself in Terry Pratchett documentary. By Liz Thomas Mail Online 15th April 2011

The BBC stands accused of being ‘a cheerleader for assisted suicide’ after filming a man killing himself at the notorious Dignitas clinic for a controversial documentary. Sir Terry Pratchett, a prominent supporter of euthanasia, presents the programme which follows a man [with] motor neurone disease as he travels from Britain to the Swiss clinic. CUT – As the first Pope’s first encyclical said ... the Devil as a roaring lion goeth about seeking whom he may devour. (1 Peter 5:8)


Ofcom has today cleared the UK’s first television advert for advice on abortion services after rejecting complaints about its “political” nature. Last month, the Advertising Standards Authority dismissed over 4,000 complaints about an ad for sexual health charity Marie Stopes International. CUT – The pro-abortion pro-secular lobby will keep on demanding their subversive programming until there is a complete free-for-all except for anything pro-Christian. Surly anyone who is pro-life cannot justify watching a television.

Children exposed to ‘inappropriate’ TV, parents believe - BBC Online 13/09/2010.
Two-thirds of UK parents believe children are exposed to inappropriate content on television before the watershed, a survey has suggested. 67% of 1004 parents of under – 18s questioned thought unsuitable content was broadcast prior to 9pm. A further 80% said they felt film and video games with sexual or violent themes were too easily available. CUT – If parents believe this then why do they not throw the TV out? Is it because Satan has control of this electronic drug? The BBC would not have posed this online if they felt that they would lose any of their viewers.

Violent film, video games and TV shows DO make boys aggressive, study finds Daily Mail 19/10/2010 Watching violent video games, films and TV shows really can make children more aggressive, scientists believe. And the more violent the scenes and the longer they last, the more normal the behaviour seems. In the comprehensive study to date, looking at the link between on-screen and real life violence, scientists got a group of boys aged 14 to 17 to watch a series of video clips, while useing scans to study their brain activity. CUT - In study agter study on violence of the TV, reseachers have found a striking link between violent behaviour in booys and violence on the screen. young ment are becoming desensitized to violence, thinking violence is normal behaviour; therefore they are more likely to take part in it or fail to report violent incidents. The reason there is no outcry regarding this is that the television companies will not report on these studies.

BBC to announce senior management wage bill has been slashed The Guardian 15/10/2010
The BBC is expected to announce today that the amount paid to senior managers has been slashed by millions of pounds, as the director general, Mark Thompson, attempts to demonstrate that he is delivering on a pledge to drive down the corporation’s wage bill. The BBC is likely to say that it has slashed the total amount paid to senior managers from close to £80m this time last year to around £70m. There has also been a dramatic fall in the number of senior managers employed at the BBC, from nearly 650 to less than 600, over the past year. CUT – just how many senior managers do the BBC need?

The real rate of BBC licence fee evasion is shocking Telegraph 14/7/10
Households with no TV set report sustained TV licensing letter campaigns with rising levels of threat. CUT –198,800 prosecutions in 2008/9 mostly of the poorest in society.

Jonathan Ross bids farewell to the BBC Media Guardian 17/07/2010
Jonathan Ross called time last night on what has been nearly a decade of almost solid chatting on the BBC. CUT – phew. Now for some sanity? Oh no ...

‘BBC can trust me’, says Graham Norton BBC News Online 19/10/2010
Graham Norton has assured the BBC he can be trusted not to ignite any scandals after stepping into Jonathan Ross’s shoes on radio and TV. Norton took over from Ross on BBC Radio 2 three weeks ago and will start his new BBC One chat show – in the slot previously filled by – Ross on Friday. Ross left the BBC in July, two years after a furore over prank calls he made to actor Andrew Sachs on air. CUT – So we can now all trust Graham Norton – watch this space. But what of Jonathan Ross?

Jonathan Ross signs chat show deal with ITV Telegraph 7/07/2010
Jonathan Ross has signed a deal to present a chat show for ITV, ... CUT - You can't make this struff up

Blatant bias in BBC Coverage Mail Online 16/09/2010
A Catholic MP has accused the BBC of ‘institutional Christianophobia’ over its coverage of the Pope’s visit. Mark Pritchard is urging Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt to give the Corporation’s director general Mark Thompson a dressing-down for its news stories on Catholicism and Pope Benedict XVI. The Tory, who is vice chairman of the parliamentary group for the Holy See, said the BBC has displayed a form of ‘blatant, anti-Christian bias’. He said he was fed up with wall-to-wall reports of how the Church was supposedly in decline. CUT – However, there were 750 complaints saying there was too much coverage of the Pope’s visit, not surprising considering the anti-Pope and Catholic coverage in the BBC in general.

Yes, BBC was biased: Director General Mark Thompson admits a ‘massive’ lean to Left The Daily Mail 2/09/2010
BBC Director General Mark Thompson has admitted the corporation was guilty of a ‘massive’ Left-wing bias in the past. The TV chief also admitted there had been a struggle ‘to achieve impartiality and that staff were ‘mystified’ by the early years of Margaret Thatcher’s government. But he claimed there was now a ‘much less overt tribalism’ among the current crop of young journalists, ... CUT – I think we will stop there, for the bright young politically correct things are all part of the same media-political-left/liberal system. They have achieved all their aims; only the Church is holding out, - well, sort of.

Corrosive and wrong: That’s what your staff are saying about your pay, BBC chief is told The Daily Mail 15/01/2010
BBC director general Mark Thompson was told by one of the corporation’s top interviewers today that is own staff find his salary ‘wrong and corrosive’. Mr Thompson, who was paid £834,000 last year, was also informed that some staff are so furious about his pay they want him to quit. The mauling came a fortnight after author P D James ‘handbagged’ Mr Thompson over executive pay on Radio 4’s Today. CUT – So 5,873 households licence fees go to pay Mr Thompson’s salary.

BBC accused of 'promoting euthanasia by ignoring rights of disabled' Daily Telegraph 05/02/2010
A Commons motion said the Corporation ''misused public funds'' in its coverage of the issue, highlighting the high profile given to author Sir Terry Pratchett's speech this week in favour of assisted suicide.  The motion claimed the BBC ''ignored the rights of the disabled'' and had used drama as well as news to promote its pro-euthanasia stance.  Tory Ann Winterton (Congleton) has the support of one Tory and four Labour MPs for her early day motion.  They claim there had been ''numerous complaints'' over the ''persistent bias of the BBC on matters relating to euthanasia and other life issues and on the manner in which the BBC have misused public funds to promote changes in the law''. CUT – As the BBC has a long history of promoting abortion and other anti-life issues is hardly surprising that the BBC now find themselves as the world champion of the Culture of Death.

BBC to ask homophobes what they think of its coverage of gay people The Guardian 22/1/2010
The BBC today launched a major research project into what its audiences - including those with homophobic views - think about its portrayal of gay, lesbian and bisexual people on TV and radio. CUT – The word homophobe is in itself a nasty piece of pro-homosexual propaganda designed to pressure television audiences into accepting homosexuality. However, as Christians we simply need to point to the teachings of Sacred Scripture and of the Church.

The youngsters who struggle to speak because their parents let them watch too much TV The Daily Mail 4/1/2010
Nearly a quarter of boys - and one in seven girls - are struggling to learn to talk because thousands of households keep their TV sets on, constantly making it difficult for them to understand the speech of adults around them.  A survey revealed how 22% of boys and 13% of girls have trouble developing speech and understanding others.  3% suffer 'significant' problems, according to a poll published by Jean Gross, the Government's communications adviser.  Middle-class children were just as likely to experience problems as youngsters from less affluent families, it emerged. CUT – We have been giving extensive coverage to the damaging effect of the TV on the minds of children (see over).

A nation in thrall to the television The Week 15/05/2010
Television was the subject of two news stories last week, says Lynsey Hanley – neither of them encouraging. The first was research showing that Britons are watching more TV than ever: the average person watches an incredible four hours of telly a day. The second was a report finding that exposure to hours of telly a day has a lasting negative effect on toddlers’ educational development: by the age of 11, those children were still “more likely to be obese, inattentive and tired”. CUT – The problem is the TV companies will not make documentaries regarding this very damaging form of child abuse. The article went on to state that other countries are becoming aware of the problem and are making recommendations that TV be severely restricted to children. However, the BBC is actually encouraging even more child TV exposure with dedicated channels such as CBeebies.

BBC like the 'Duckhouse gang' for not disclosing star salaries, say MPs The Daily Telegraph 9/2/2010
The corporation's executives who are "obsessed with celebrity" were to blame for the BBC spending a fifth of its budget for one sporting event on presenters, according to its chairman, Edward Leigh.  Members of the influential committee questioned Mark Thompson, the director general of the BBC and other executives on the amount of licence fee payers' money it spent at large music and sporting events. The corporation did not know in advance how much it would spend covering individual events, from the Beijing Olympics to the Glastonbury festival, because so many departments were involved and they did not liaise on budgets, according to the damning National Audit Office report published last month. CUT – The BBC likes take the speck out of other people’s eyes but ignores the plank in its own.

Jesus said:

"Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you are like whited sepulchres, which outwardly appear to men beautiful but within are full of dead men’s bones and of all filthiness."

St Matthew 23:27


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