CUT Newsletter Issue 27 - Winter 2013/14 :

Grossly disproportionate reporting by the BBC of child abuse unfairly targets Catholic priests

In the summer of 2013 a member of CUT did some research into the amount of coverage the BBC was giving to the small amount of child abuse in the Catholic Church in comparison with the reporting of child abuse in other sectors of society. He found that the reporting of child abuse by the BBC is very subjective; here is a quote from his article. “The NSPCC obtained figures under the Freedom of Information Act which showed there are 29,837 registered sex offenders who have committed crimes against children. As a percentage of these, Catholic priests make up just over 0.1%. So, from what we have seen so far, the data seems to point to a conclusion which flies in the face of the amount of media coverage that the abuse in the Catholic Church has received. To sum up: the BBC devotes almost half of its coverage of sexual abuse to the Catholic Church, yet Catholic clergy make up just 0.1% of cases!” By the Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Gerard Scapegoating Catholicism CUT Newsletter Summer 2013.
               Of course Catholic priests should be above suspicion of any form of abuse therefore you would perhaps expect the very few cases that have happened in the Catholic Church to attract a little extra coverage. It sometimes seems that the BBC has made a documentary about almost every case and when it comes to news reports they feature the Catholic Church with extreme regularity. Why have they done this? The answer is simple: they want to destroy the last moral authority on earth, thus making the contracepting, aborting, or homosexual members of the liberal media elite feel better.
               Yet there is one fact about the abusing priests they will not discuss, and that is that 80% or thereabout are homosexuals. In society in general homosexuals commit a disproportionately large percentage of all child abuse cases. Homosexuals make up only about 2% of the population yet are responsible for about 33% of all child abuse cases1 So a large number of homosexuals are also paedophiles, as made clear in a report by Dr Judith Reisman, quoting researchers Alan Bell and Martin Weinberg. They state that one quarter of white homosexual men had sexual partners of sixteen years old or younger.2 Why is the BBC silent about these statistics? Why do they not simply tell the truth? Why does the BBC bring in people like Peter Tatchell, who supports lowering the age of consent, as a moral authority? Could it be that the liberal media elite wants your children to be conditioned to accept homosexual acts (dangerous as they are) as completely normal?
               Many homosexuals like young boys. This is a known fact. The Advocate, the American homosexual magazine, has run ads with the title of “Men looking for Chickens”. Chickens in ‘Gay’ speak means young boys. Boy Love, as they like to call it, means sex with young boys; this is considered a delicacy in some areas of the homosexual world. But do the media organisations engage in investigative journalism into the phenomena? Well, no, they don’t. They would rather make programmes on the very few cases in the Catholic Church. We suggest you always question a news item and a documentary, especially when dealing with moral issues. Ask yourself who made these programmes, and why? Have they got issues with Catholic doctrine? Are the reports mendacious? -  perhaps the reporter/producer has a vested interest? Then ask yourself has a drama, documentary or news/current affairs programme changed your knowledge, views or beliefs. Always remember: TV reporters and producers are very skilled; they know how to tug on your heartstrings and twist the truth.

References: Family Research Council    Dr Judith Reisman  quoting Bell and Weinberg report Homosexalities (1978)

BBC Panorama’s Sex and the Holy City, revisited

It is just over ten years ago now that the BBC broadcast one of its most biased and dishonest programmes on Catholic moral teaching to date.  The Panorama programme was Sex and the Holy City. Broadcast 12 October 2003, it purported to be an appraisal of 25 years of John Paul II’s pontificate, but was actually designed to do as much damage to the Pope and the Catholic Church’s moral teaching as possible. The BBC know their strengths on the world media stage and according to ex-BBC reporter Robin Aitken they are massively self-confident when it come to promoting liberal moral values.
               Sex and the Holy City, created in 2003/04 the same kind of multi-level media discourse as the BBC created in favour of legalising abortion and homosexuality in the 1960s. Sex and the Holy City was an attack on the Catholic’s Church ban on contraception, concentrating on the condom (but not exclusively so). The BBC blamed the Catholic Church for causing the AIDS crisis in Africa among other things. This encouraged other media outlets and pundits to join the attack on the Church. Many laypeople changed their views as a result of this programme, and even some of our hierarchy faltered. But this satanic inspired attack was a breathtaking piece of mendacity by the programme’s producer Chris Woods and its reporter Steve Bradshaw for an extremely strong liberal bias. Aitkens also questions the link between the BBC’s Sexwise programme, its partnership with the IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation) and its need to be impartial. BBC’s Sexwise is a programme which promotes  abortion, contraception and homosexuality.
               Robin Aitken in his book Can we still trust the BBC? called Chris Woods’ impartiality into question and hence the integrity of the whole documentary. Chris Woods had a history of anti-Catholic actions. He was also homosexual and a member of Outrage . He had been a journalist for homosexual publications such as Capital Gay, The Pink Paper and The Advocate. Woods and Outrage had targeted the Catholic Church for attacks because of her strong stand on traditional family values. Woods and Outrage had ransacked the papal nuncio’s house in London and disrupted one of Cardinal Hume’s Masses in Westminster Cathedral. This was homosexuals trying to bully the Catholic Church into changing her laws on contraception, for they know full well that to do so would justify sex as a purely recreational activity, therefore ultimately justify homosexuality. Woods and the BBC had the audacity to use their powerful position on the world stage to attack the Catholic Church and were quite prepared to engage in deceit to do so.               

Cardinal Lopez Trujillo, the then prefect for the Congregation for the Family, was interviewed for Sex and the Holy City and was extremely surprised by its bias upon seeing the programme. He wrote an excellent response. His Vatican document was called Safe Sex versus Family Values; in this he provided conclusive evidence that Catholic countries around the world had far fewer AIDS cases, while those countries that had adopted the condom had the most. Here is striking piece of evidence from Safe Sex versus Family Values which proves how dangerous relying on condoms to protect against AIDS is. Safe Sex versus Family Values states: “In Thailand and in the Philippines, the first HIV/AIDS cases were reported in 1984; by 1987, Thailand had 112 cases while the Philippines had more with 135 cases. Today, in the year 2003, there are around 750,000 cases in Thailand, where the 100% Condom Use Program had relatively great success. On the other hand, there are only 1,935 cases in the Philippines – and this considering that the Philippines’ population is around 30% greater that Thailand’s”. - Conclusive evidence that relying on the condom is killing people while the Catholic Church’s support of abstinence outside of marriage and fidelity inside is being very successful.

How did the BBC react to this conclusive piece of evidence? As champions of liberal morality they reacted as one would expect, - with omissions and bias, of course. The BBC and Panorama gave the evidence of Safe Sex versus Family Values little or no publicity, but brought out yet another Panorama programme called Can Condoms Kill where they interviewed EU politicians and sex workers. One EU politician even went so far as to state that members of the Catholic hierarchy who support abstinence and not condoms should be tried for crimes against humanity. This was again picked up by various media outlets and with the BBC’s growing influence the growing outlook was at odds with the Catholic Church. We now have a worldwide situation developing whereby the BBC along with the United Nations is in complete opposition to the Catholic Church regarding morality: The anti-Gospel versus the Gospel.
               Others have also questioned the use of condoms as safe. Dr Helen Singer-Kaplan, of Cornell University Medical Centre, states that “Counting on condoms is flirting with death.” And the Journal of the American Medical Association states that “Understandably, for practical and ethical reasons, few studies have actually used live couples to test HIV transmission rates”. A University of Miami Medical School study showed that three out of 10 women whose HIV-infected husbands faithfully used condoms contracted AIDS-Related Complex (ARC) in an 18 month period. This translates into an infection rate of 21 percent per year ... and 91% in 10 years. One Lancet (Feb 7 187 page 323) article says ... ‘“Safe Sex” ... Condom has a substantial failure rate: 13-15% of women whose male partners use condoms as the sole method of contraception become pregnant within one year “.
               Conclusive evidence in favour of Catholic moral teachings; but how does the BBC describe Catholic moral teaching? - by using expressions and words like “hardliners in the Vatican say condoms can kill”. Robin Aitken quotes the work of David Kerr, ex-BBC Assistant Editor, in Can We Still Trust the BBC? Chapter 11 The Moral Maze. Kerr did a study into the BBC’s proclaimed impartiality and used its treatment of the Catholic Church in Sex and the Holy City as a benchmark. In Kerr’s independent study of  Sex and the Holy City and the Catholic Church, he appears to find in the Church’s favour in point after point.

The People of the Philippines who have been so loyal to the teachings of the Catholic Church and proved the BBC wrong, now need our help please see this link for donations to Aid to the Church in Need’s appeal to help the Philippines after the devastating Typhoon click on this link


Mother Angelica and her Miraculous TV station EWTN

There have been a number of miracles surrounding Mother Angelica during her life as a nun. Recently I met someone from EWTN and he related this true story to me.
He told me that when Mother Angelica was just starting up EWTN she had some huge satellite dishes delivered but she had no money to pay for them. She asked the truck driver to unload the satellite dishes and she would send the money on as soon as she found it. Mother was of course profoundly confident that she would find the money. However, the truck driver said “look Mother I have strict orders that these need to be paid-for”, he wanted $50,000 before he would unload them or he would take them back.
               Mother Angelica desperately wanted these dishes so that she could start to transmit her programmes. So she tried very hard to persuade the driver to leave them but with no luck. The truck driver still said no. She asked him wait for a little while she went into the chapel to pray. The truck driver said Ok (he probably thought that he could do with a break).
After praying for half an hour or so there was still no answer and no plan came into her head so she went out again to have another go at persuading the driver; Mother never gives up! She starting to talk to the driver again, – just then one of the sisters came running out saying that mother was wanted on the phone. Mother said she can’t come to the phone now, this is just too important.
               So the sister ran back to the phone to ask the caller to call back, but the caller said he would hang on. The sister came out to Mother Angelica again saying the man is hanging on and he is ringing from a yacht in the Caribbean. So Mother pleads with the driver to wait for a few minutes hoping to come back and continue with her efforts to persuade him.
The man on the phone was a Catholic multi-millionaire who was impressed by some of Mother’s booklets and literature, and he wanted to make a donation to Mother’s work and that of the sisters. Mother Angelica said you don’t happen to have $50,000 do you? The Millionaire said yes when do you want it? Mother said you couldn’t transfer it now could you? You see I have these satellite dishes in a truck outside and the man won’t leave them until he’s paid. The millionaire said: Sure, I will get on to my bank right away.  Mother goes back out to the truck driver, tells him she has the money and where should she transfer it; the driver gives her the instructions. Mother Angelica gives them to the millionaire. The truck driver then gets onto his headquarters and finds that everything’s paid for.  He is stunned, and unloads the dishes.  This is a true story, just shows the power of prayer.

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CUT Newsletter Issue 26 - Summer 2013 :



Despite the news reported in the Telegraph that there have been 157 cases of child abuse against BBC employees and former employees since the Jimmy Savile case broke last autumn, there has been very little reported about this by the BBC themselves. It’s not surprising for the BBC has officially gagged its employees. However, is this not legitimate news? But like all bullies everywhere, whether for cultural or self-interest reasons they are not afraid to browbeat others. They continue to bash the Catholic Church whenever they can, from the Vatican to local Churches, and yet most of these stories are very minor compared to their own problems. They have very clear cultural core values to maintain and to give airtime to their own corrupt practices and paedophile cover-ups would be damaging to these core values and  would undermine their idea of what society should be. This is a tried and tested practice of the Communist system and is called agitprop, using the media to brainwash the people and then maintain the values, beliefs and knowledge that they approve of. Today the BBC maintains a form of Cultural Totalitarianism; it supports, for example, homosexuals, Gay Marriage and abortion and at the same time it utterly dislikes Catholic moral teaching, that homosexual acts are grave (mortal) sins and so is abortion. Therefore it will attack the Church, blowing out of proportion any problems in the Church while ignoring its own problems and those in sections of society its supports such as the homosexual ‘community’ and child abuse there. This is very similar to tactics used during the Protestant Reformation; for example, the German Princes who supported foul mouthed Martin Luther did not do so for religious reasons but for secular, some because they wanted a divorce to marry their mistresses, - just like Henry VIII.

Enough of the BBC’s indulgence of their Celebrity Paedophiles!
A member of the Culture Media and Sport select committee Angie Bray has said that the “indulgence” of  Stuart Hall bore striking similarities to their approach to Jimmy Savile. Therefore, how can the BBC justify yet another documentary on child abuse in the Catholic Church re Silence in the House of God: Mea Maxima Culpa screened on the 10 June 2013 when there is just so much material under its own roof? It is becoming clear that the child abuse scandals in the Catholic Church were small in comparison to those in the BBC and other sections of society. We are making no excuses for those few bad Catholic priests.

Has the Licence fee turned the BBC into a bunch of anti-Catholic thugs?

At CUT it is becoming clear that British Catholics are getting fed up of BBC bias and bigotry and its fanatical Catholophobia. Is it time to break the BBC up? It has too much power and it has been damaging society for too long. Despite the fact that the numbers of people who actually watch the BBC continues to plummet, the licence fee is still intact. The BBC still has enormous influence and this influence is growing abroad, especially as English is now the one genuine world language. This may be a reason for pride to many British Catholics. However, if the main multi-media outlet in the English language supports abortion, contraception, homosexuality, and all the hideous bio-based innovations going on and at the same time does its level best to undermine the Catholic Church, ignoring all her good works in the third world and never mentioning the murders of her priests, sisters and lay people, we can see this as Cultural Totalitarianism being extended past our borders as a form of cultural colonialism And people must pay for the BBC via this out of date tax whether they watch BBC channels or not. And Fat Cat BBC managers continue to get pay cheques and pay offs that would make pop stars’ eyes water.


The Scapegoating of Catholicism.

by the Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Gerard

I am sure that many people will be surprised to find that this article is not another head bowed apology for the revolting sexual abuse committed by priests. In fact I feel that the Catholic Church has apologised and suffered enough for the crimes of a small minority, and of course the failure of our hierarchy to buck the societal trends of the era in question by publicising these crimes.
There are always reasons why organizations cover things up and prefer to deal with matters internally. Firstly is the fear of bringing the entire organization into disrepute and undermining public trust. Secondly is the fear of being singled out for vitriol in a culture where cover-up is the norm. Thirdly is the need to avoid distractions which could hinder them from getting on with the job in hand. And fourthly is of course the tremendous financial cost of admitting ‘vicarious liability’, which requires superiors to take responsibility for the actions of those under them- even if they were in no reasonable position to prevent the behaviour in question.
We can see by the millions of pounds of what is effectively ‘plate money’, along with the generous legacies of the deceased and philanthropic donations over many years, being swallowed up by abuse claims, that it is not the paedophiles who are compensating their victims from their own funds. This money, which was donated to further the necessary and wide range of good work to be done by the Church, is being extracted from us at an alarming rate.
Research done by the author into abuse which has taken place in state run British care homes, such as St Leonard’s in Tower Hamlets, reveals that local authorities have been far less generous in compensating victims of abuse. They have also been equally if not more reluctant to expose their own employees who have been accused of abuse (and indeed far more capable of protecting them due to their closeness to the Police and Judiciary). More will be said about this later. The notion that we Catholics must ‘pay’ (financially and through a loss of our personal dignity) for this spate of child abuse is widespread. But is child abuse in the Church really the huge, widespread problem that it has been made out to be by media organizations such as the BBC?
                We will answer the above question in relation to the United Kingdom, as every country has its own differences in terms of Catholic population, law enforcement etc. We will also bear in mind that it is the BBC, which broadcasts worldwide at this point in history, which has given what can only be described as a totally disproportionate amount of attention to historic abuse in the Catholic Church, claiming it was probably ‘the tip of the iceberg’. As a percentage of the total number of priests in the UK, which I believe is around 6000 at this moment in time (although it is difficult to calculate as the abuse cases happened over a very long period of time during which many priests will have retired and been replaced) this is less than half of one percent. Now we will move on to some data about the number of registered paedophiles in the UK, which I obtained from the NSPCC website. The NSPCC obtained figures under the Freedom of Information Act which showed there are 29,837 registered sex offenders who have committed crimes against children. As a percentage of these, Catholic priests make up just over 0.1%. So, from what we have seen so far, the data seems to point to a conclusion which flies in the face of the amount of media coverage that the abuse in the Catholic Church has received. To sum up: the BBC devotes almost half of its coverage of sexual abuse to the Catholic Church, yet Catholic clergy make up just 0.1% of cases!

Now that we have established the facts (which you can research for yourself if you doubt my integrity) we will move on to ask the burning question: why is the Catholic Church being victimised and vilified by the media? I will offer some thoughts on this.

Secular society has a massive child abuse problem
Firstly, the UK has a massive problem with child abuse and child pornography. As we can see in the news currently there is the case of up to 80 staff and former staff at state run children’s homes in North Wales being named as possible abusers. We also have the case of Mark Bridger, the man responsible for the death of April Jones, who had been looking at child pornography prior to her disappearance.
Good people are quite rightly living in terror of this epidemic of filth which has afflicted society through the internet, and the total failure of the authorities to prevent the dissemination of all kinds of vile pornography into millions of UK households. Everybody is now a potential paedophile, children are sexually assaulting one another after viewing explicit online material, and even decent, respectable people are giving in to the lure of online perversion.
Society has such a big problem, but this is counterbalanced by the sheer economic dependence that we have on the internet and our love of the freedom to do what we like in our own homes. The reality is that children are at risk like never before, but this risk is largely preventable. In other words the people who have failed to act (whether politicians, police or parents) to protect children from the internet are corporately responsible for a form of child abuse.

BBC, Savile and Scapegoating – pointing the finger at someone else
What do people do when they cannot face up to their own failings? They tend to point out the failures of others. This is commonly known as ‘scapegoating’. Even Mark Bridger is serving a purpose in this regard, because all of those other men and women who look at online filth can point the finger at somebody else who is far more evil than they. The parents who allow their children to have computers and mobile phones may sleep a little better at night knowing that this dangerous man is in police custody, but do they ever consider that their own child may be viewing similar images?
British society has been hostile to Catholicism for hundreds of years. Our establishment is still in collective denial of the utter theft of huge amounts of church property, and murder of Catholic faithful under orders from the crown. Our way of life (as it ought to be) is almost totally at odds with the culture of modern Britain: abortion, gay marriage, contraception, sex before marriage, militant atheism, the ‘multi faith’ approach, aggressive feminism, unfettered capitalism. It is no wonder that our opponents seek to discredit us at every opportunity (a well rehearsed tactic in the world of politics), because they feel threatened at having their wickedness exposed. Indeed, even the very existence of Catholicism in Britain is a stubborn reminder of the bloody history of the Reformation and its ultimate failure. Make no mistake: if they could have wiped us out they would have.

Of course, the difficulty with discrediting people by bringing up their misdemeanours is that you must be squeaky clean yourself. If you happen to be guilty of the faults you expose in your opponent then you are treading on thin ice. One could only laugh at the embarrassment caused to the BBC by the Jimmy Savile scandal and their attempt to sweep it under the carpet. It was not surprising, however, that they should seek to divert attention elsewhere which they promptly did by intensifying their coverage of the Catholic abuse scandal in a manner that was so blatant as to lead to a shocking 45% of their sex abuse news coverage being devoted to the stories.

BBC’s neo-Nazi tactics against Catholics
At this point we must draw a parallel with the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany. They were scapegoated by the political establishment as a means of hiding its own failings. Jewish bankers were blamed for what was ultimately the failure of the government to control inflation after the First World War. In the same way now the British establishment, using its propaganda machine (the BBC) is seeking to convince the public that the Catholic Church is responsible for the epidemic of child abuse.
            We cannot take this lying down. When a single scandal involving up to 80 abusers in North Wales is now being exposed (double the total number of Catholic priests ever convicted in the whole of the UK over the same period) we should begin to sit up and wonder why Social Workers are still allowed to go around lecturing parents on how to bring up their children.
Further up the pyramid, why have government ministers never been held to account for the shocking level of abuse in Council run care homes in the same way as the BBC have tried to hold the Vatican responsible for abuse by priests? There are many, many cases of abuse committed by public servants under the watch of successive Prime Ministers which will never see the light of day due to the totally hypocritical ‘tight ship’ mentality which seeks to protect the legitimacy of governments.
We Catholics must stop being ashamed and start realizing that we are the victims of a massive propaganda machine which is simply attempting to discredit us because we are getting in the way of them imposing a form of totalitarianism upon society, and because as a minority they think we can be scapegoated to cover up their own failings. The biggest danger is that we Catholics actually fall for all of this and give up our faith, leaving an ever smaller number of committed faithful to be whittled down and finally openly persecuted. There is strength in numbers and we must be proud of who we are instead of running around trying to please people who will always want to belittle and abuse us however hard we try to compromise.


The BBC and the secular media - Ignoring the killing of Christians worldwide

When Catholics look to the saints for inspiration they often see the holy Martyrs of the Roman and the Reformation eras as being a particularly rich source of witness. But what many fail to realise is that today, in the 21st century, there are more Christians (and in particular Catholic) Martyrs than ever before. Why then is there not a national outcry? The simple reason is that the media and – yes, in particular the BBC - will not report on Christians and especially Catholics getting killed for their faith. What does get occasionally reported is just the very tip of a holocaust of Catholic martyrdom in many countries. The BBC of course would rather make another documentary on child abuse, and given that there have been about 37 historical cases by Catholic priests the BBC must have made at least one documentary (or two) on each one. And yet Catholic priests, bishops and sisters are getting slaughtered on a regular basis in many countries. Surely this warrants at least one documentary by the BBC? But no; this would have the wrong effect as far as the BBC is concerned, whose aim is solely to create an atmosphere of anti-Catholic hatred. They can’t be making programmes that might cause a little bit of sympathy for Catholic priests, could they?
       However, as Aid to the Church in Need has pointed out Christians and in particular Catholics are being murdered at an alarming rate. If they will not leave the countries of persecution, they are killed. Iraq before the 2003 invasion had 1.4 million Christians, the vast majority of them Chaldean Catholics. Today there are barely 150,000 and yet the continued persecution goes unreported by our national treasure the BBC. This persecution takes place mainly in Muslim countries but not exclusively. Christians are being killed. Catholics are bearing the brunt. Just recently a Catholic priest in Iraq was visited by local Muslim militants and ordered to close his church ‘or else’. The priest said ‘I cannot close a house of God’. A week or so later he and three of his deacons were driving on a pastoral mission and were ordered to pull over, where they were summarily executed in their car on the side of the road. Ordinary people are been told to convert to Islam ‘or else’. If they refuse, as most refuse, their houses are blown up in front of them.

The holocaust of Christians, (100,000 killed during the last year).

Often the BBC wheel out a useful Catholic idiot to say how he thinks Pope Pius XII did nothing to help the Jews during the WWII, contrary to all the evidence, for this great Pope did more to help Jews than any other person during the war. See the latest film by EWTN ‘Under the Roman Sky’. But what is the BBC doing to help Christians today who are suffering at the hands of Islam – absolutely nothing! 100,000 Christians have been killed over the last year and yet this barely warrants a news item. Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria are places of particular concern; the rebels of Syria, which the European and British governments including the BBC support, are among the greatest killers of Christians. According to Aid to the Church in Need, the Damascus based Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregory III Laham of Antioch said ‘We cried aloud in prayers and supplication, like the father of a sick child calling out to the Lord Jesus Christ: “if thou canst do anything, have compassion on us and help us”’ (Mark 9:22). So who are the British Government and the BBC supporting – the rebels (although the BBC will claim to be impartial whilst ignoring the deaths of Christians and their news reports in our opinion in favour of the rebels). Egypt too is of particular concern – the BBC has immense power to help but what do they use all this media influence for? – to attack the Catholic Church and promote same sex marriage – disgusting!

Support: Aid to the Church in Need, 12 -14 Benhill Ave, Sutton, Surrey SM1 4DA.



CUT Newsletter Issue 25 - Winter 2012/13 :


Is the TV destroying the environment?

There have been many studies that point out the detrimental effect the television is having on society. Violence on TV has had a direct effect on violence in society, while sex on television has sexualised people including young people and children. However, media studies professionals do not like the word ‘effect’ in relation to the media; they prefer to say that ‘people take media themes and make them their own.’ The word ‘ownership’ is the buzz word nowadays; for people to claim ownership of a media theme and to ‘run with it’ appears to make everything fine!
                One of our themes for CUT’s campaign over the next year will be to make people aware of the damage being done by the TV to the environment, both spiritual and physical. The TV and the computer screen are all pervasive in modern life. You need them to do many things; to get better deals on goods and services and to buy on line is more often than not cheaper. Therefore damaging the High Street environment, but when they have destroyed the shopping centres what will happen to on-line prices? And what about those who do not have a computer, - mostly low income and in particular older people. The philosopher Habermas has coined the term ‘re-feudalisation of the people’, and states that modern society has caused this. The television and the computer have caused a feudalisation of society. Those who are on TV and the owners of services are the masters of today. The politically correct left-liberal elite brought up on a diet of Telly Tubbies and East Enders are today’s opinion formers. They have the power to control what people think and what they do. The television itself is a destroyer of natural resources. Not only does it drain the earth’s resources to keep it going; ten percent of the household electricity bill is spent when the TV and its ancillaries are on stand-by, let alone being used. It encourages an unnecessary materialism that does not help the economy in the long run, fuelling an external debt that runs to 9 trillion dollars1 in the UK alone. In fact countries that have the greatest addiction to the TV also have a large external debt, - the USA with 16 trillion, Germany and France with four trillion. The only way to feed this debt is ever greater growth. Growth is important; however, growth at all costs fuels materialism and environmental damage.
Reference - 1, United States Central Intelligence Agency, 29th of June 2011

In last winter’s newsletter we asked ‘Is there a Child Abuse Cover-up at the BBC?’ Now we know there was.

In our Winter 2011/12 newsletter we asked the question ‘Is there a Child Abuse Cover-up at the BBC?’. We did not have at this point any inside information or names etc. We asked this question because of the numbers of child abuse cases reported in modern secular society - running at 60 per day1 in Britain - and the number of celebrities and performers who had either been convicted and who had regularly visited the BBC. We also pointed out that there is a tendency on the part of the BBC to protect the homosexual community; studies have found a higher than usual incidence of child sex abuse among homosexuals.  The Family Research Council found that by looking at the reports produced by studies in the Journal of Child Psychiatry2 and the Medical Aspect of Human Sexuality3 and many other academic studies they came to the conclusion that ‘Male homosexuals commit a disproportionate number of child sex abuse cases’.  
1, NSPCC figures for 2010/11.                 2, Watkins and Bentovim, p. 315. Journal of child Psychiatry 33 (1992) 3, Robert L. Johnson, "Long-term Effects of Sexual Abuse in Boys," Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality (September 1988):     

The television as the big polluter and deceiver.

The Devil was also known as Lucifer the angel of light before his fall and it remains one of his names along with Satan and Beelzebub etc. It has always been one of the tricks of the Devil to cloak his evil doings in perceived benefits to society. Light is often referred to as a metaphor for clarity, e.g. to shine a light on things and to make something visible or the Enlightenment as a philosophical movement was expounded as clearing away the supposed  superstition of Christendom and advancing knowledge through reason and science. However, are these really little more than the machinations of Lucifer? Science of course is not bad in itself for it is ultimately the study of God’s creation. But science without faith has lead to many materialistic uses of the earth’s resources that many believe is having a devastating effect on the environment.  The TV is a scientific invention and with its use of light follows Lucifer’s tradition of using light, not to shed a light on the Gospel, but to portray and project evil to the world and to deny the Gospel. The TV is therefore the big deceiver and an environmental polluter both of the physical and spiritual world.

How the television damages the environment

The television shows us innovative ways of using the earth’s resources to entertain ourselves. However, it is clear we cannot go on using the earth’s resources the way the television shows us. For example there are many programmes that show events like Moto-cross and how four wheeled drive vehicles take on the wildest country. Intrepid young bikers race one another and battle the terrain in all weathers for the glory of winning these cross country events. They are inspired by television coverage that may even cover their event one day. So they had better practice as much as possible and it is also good fun. But public forests and common land and the hills are no longer alive with the sound of natural music; it’s the screeching of motorbike engines and four wheeled drives practicing for these events. Much of it is illegal and almost impossible to police. But the young bikers have seen it on the telly so they think it can’t really do any harm? But what is the effect on the landscape and the peace of the countryside by the proliferation of these events? What is the effect on God’s creatures that have their habitats scarred by these actions? We know for a fact that wild life is under pressure; for example, the British bird population has dropped by a third in the last few years.
                Garden makeover programmes show us how to keep our gardens as clinically tidy as possible. And advertisers sell us all sorts of machines to make this task easy. However, if you have a garden, leave a few nettles and a wild life area; they provide food for birds, caterpillars and hedgehogs – do not strim. If your church has a lot of land around it be aware of wild life; do not make it too tidy. If you see a hedgehog out in the day it means it cannot sleep due to parasites caused by a diet of too many slugs which disturb its sleep, it will die if you do not take it to a wildlife sanctuary. Again if it had a better natural environment with rotting wood etc where beetles thrive it would have a more varied and healthier diet. Try not to use slug pellets. Our butterfly population is almost extinct due to several poor summers on the trot and wildlife sanctuaries have been inundated with starving bats.
               The BBC and other broadcasters spend too much time making programmes that inspire people to destroy the natural environment and just like the great deceiver will apportion blame elsewhere. They make and take credit for some natural history programmes but this is just window dressing. The Catholic Church is a favourite scapegoat for the broadcaster and yet Catholics because of our support and belief in natural law are the greatest environmentalists of all. It is the Church’s greatest secret but we must live our faith by being true right down to looking after the environment – natural law rules ok!

How the Television has destroyed the spiritual and moral environment

Have you ever wondered why so many perversions are readily accepted by society and even Catholics when they have always been expressly forbidden by the Church? Is it because the TV led by the BBC has normalised them? Here we go through a list of major sins that have been de-scandalised but for which Catholic teachings have not changed.

The Sexualisation of society
The TV with its story lines of casual sex and sex outside of marriage as the norm together with occasional nudity on the mainstream media has led to the sexualisation of society.

Sexualisation of society has led to other modern problems. The killing of unborn children is now the norm with 25% of women in their 20s having had an abortion. The figure steadily rises through the female population’s life and the figures for multiple abortions are now running at record highs. We should not just blame the women involved for men are shirking their responsibilities and even forcing women to have abortions. As early as the mid sixties the BBC was making programmes that supported the legalisation of abortion.

In an inverted sense of righteousness the broadcasters have plugged contraception as if it is the saviour of mankind. And yet today it is secularists who are endangering the world by their over usage of the earth’s natural resources. Contraception has led to a materialistic mentality that has helped destroy both the natural and spiritual environment.

Another of the great causes supported by the BBC and other broadcasters has been the normalisation of homosexuality. This has been done in a number of ways including portrayal of  ‘Gays’ as victims, and at the same time homosexual and lesbian kissing on primetime TV.

AIDS and other STDs
Another of the great lies of the media is the promotion of condoms to stop AIDS and other STDs. Surveys have shown that Catholic countries that support Catholic teaching on contraception and especially condoms have a far lower rate of AIDS and other STDs. Yet against all the evidence the media in particularly the BBC will state otherwise and even blame the Catholic Church for causing the AIDS crisis.

The gagging of the Catholic Church

By using the victims of child abuse in the Catholic Church the BBC has tried to gag the Church on speaking out on moral issues and they know this. However the fact that there have been as many cases in the Anglican church has been ignored by the documentary makers. There have of course been even more cases in modern secular society.

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