The Communion of Saints versus the Cult of Celebrity

The latest battle – Youthful purity versus the pop celebrity


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Join CUT and the Prayer Crusade (our prayer wing). Prayer Crusaders pray that the influence of celebrities may be countered, and that the example of Christ may be our guide and not the cult of celebrity. Each Prayer Crusader chooses a saint or can have one allocated. We ask our saint to intercede before the Holy Trinity to counteract the bad example of celebrity culture. We will occasionally ask you to pray during certain media incidents that are contrary to the teaching of Christ or His Church. We will supply you with a prayer card with your saint and prayers on it. Prayer is something we ask you to do and we may also ask you to write to a broadcaster occasionally, but this is not compulsory.



The15th Crusade of Prayer


All Saints Day November 1st 2013

This year’s Prayer Crusade will be for the Pope and the Media

Anyone can join our 15th Prayer Crusade which is under the patronage of the St Louis and St Ferdinand III (Crusader Saints) and the martyrs of Otranto.

The Prayer of the 15th Crusade of Prayer:

Our Lady Mother of Good Counsel, pray for Pope Francis and lead him to your Son.
So that Jesus may open his mouth and bridle his tongue. And St Michael the Archangel please block the influence of the Satanic Media on the Church.



The Eighth Prayer Crusade
For our priests: That they may proclaim the teachings of the Catholic Church and not be influenced by the television or the Cult of Celebrity. It is increasingly difficult for our priests to preach on the hard truths of the Catholic Church. Actually the ‘hard truths’ as some call them are not so hard really; they are quite beautiful for they relate to the teachings of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. However, when our bishops, priests, religious and theologians watch the television they are also influenced by this very powerful form of media. Extremely ‘well’ produced and persuasive programmes are always there, telling us that fornication, abortion, euthanasia, same-sex relationships and even paganism are all part of the modern multi-choice, multi-faith, pluralistic society. There is very little room for the truth on the TV; after all, as Pilot said to Jesus, what is truth? Congregations too are also under the influence of this electronic drug. Some of our clergy may even be afraid to preach on the Catholic truth and nothing but the truth for fear that they may be collared after Mass by an irate media influenced truthophobe. We hear many wonderful sermons regarding love, peace, charity and justice, which of course are extremely important to a Christian. However, equally important is sin and the possibility of eternal damnation. Our Lady herself showed the seers of Fatima the horrors of Hell and the multitudes of lost souls there through impurity.
The influence of the television on the Hierarchy
The Hierarchy, like the rest of the members of the Catholic Church are only human and are just as likely to be influenced by the media as the rest of us. As bishops are very visible they can become targets for the media and are also often lobbied by members of their own flock who may have modernist agendas. The modernists are of course backed up by the all powerful television broadcasters whose agendas and beliefs go far beyond that of Catholic modernists. 
The false Magisterium Fr Poncelet calls those of in the Church who are more influenced by the media and the television than the teachings of the Catholic Church, the false Magisterium!
All Saints Day 2010. Therefore, starting on the 1st of November All Saints Day please pray for our Bishops and priests that they may have the courage to stand up for the truth no matter what the television says. There are already many priests that have given up watching the TV probably more as a percentage than the rest of us Catholics, for they are aware how difficult watching most television is to justify when compared to the teachings of the Church.

The Seventh Prayer Crusade – And the Pope’s visit Update
The Holy Father’s visit to Britain Our Seventh Prayer Crusade which was dedicated to the Holy Father’s visit to Britain and was a very important one. Prayer is very powerful for God takes our prayers and uses them for the good we request. We can be assured that our prayers for a safe and successful visit by the Holy Farther were answered. There were of course many TV programmes that attacked the Pope and Catholic teachings; nevertheless the goodness of Benedict XVI shone through and the Vatican has described the Pope’s visit to Britain as a success. From the moment of the Queen’s gracious speech of welcome to the farewell from the PM with the assurance that Britain was a Christian country it was clear the Holy Father had made an impression,  despite Cameron’s consistent support of abortion and other secularising legislation!  “The Pope tries to save Christmas” was a headline in The Daily Mail. Only Pravda – ah ... sorry, The Independent and The Guardian remained churlish throughout the visit.
The BBC ignores the Pope’s pro-Life statement. From the BBC’s assertions and coverage of the Pope’s statements one would think that he had gone soft on abortion and euthanasia. This is not the case, for during a visit to St Peter’s old people’s home in London he said ‘Life is a unique gift, at every stage from conception until death and it is God’s alone to give and to take”.
The television brought the Pope into our homes? We recently introduced CUT to our local bishop (bishop Tomas Burns of Menevia) and we got a positive letter back; he wished us well for the future and said that CUT was an interesting development. However, he did say that without the television most people would not have seen the Pope. This is a common response of many Catholics: ‘Oh, I only watch the news or documentaries’ etc. To this we could say we only get their version of the news with several important omissions every day: re-the Pope’s pro-Life statement, or the impression that sex-abuse is a mainly Catholic problem, or the positive reporting on embryonic-stem-cell experimentation, ignoring of the plight of the unborn, or ignoring news when a Catholic priest or sister is murdered for their faith. There are between 25 to 30 priests murdered every year, mostly in Muslim countries or India.  This rarely makes the news, which is why we support Aid to the Church in Need. Some Catholics say they only watch EWTN which of course is fine, however, if you do this you will need to pay a licence fee which in Britain and Ireland supports pro-secular and abortion public broadcasters.  EWTN for the most part is a good station; however, it should be there to convert the non-believer and not for religious entertainment. We are convinced that the television does far more harm than good despite the few positive incidents or good stations like EWTN.


The Crusade of Prayer

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