We urge American Catholics not to look to British TV

for quality programs and un-biased broadcasting

There used to be a saying in Britain where America leads Britain will follow. This would apply to a whole range of cultural movements such as in music - Jazz, Rock and Roll, style clothing, architecture, etc, in-fact one could argue that much of the modern world was developed in the USA and exported to the rest of us. This of course has brought many benefits and many believe that it was the American film industry and Hollywood that amplified modernity. This was a catalyst for many developments in virtually every sphere, not just entertainment. We do not need to go into the decadent nature of modern Hollywood here. However, what the New World exported, the Old World developed and re-exported back to the States; like pop music with groups such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. And not to be out done in the production nefarious cultural artifacts Britain has also given the world various corrosive drama and entertainment strands.

To highlight the point we would like to cite Skins. Skins was originally produced for Channel 4 in Britain by Company Pictures is now being re-made and shown by MTV. The original British version was racier than the American version. Yet the American version has caused an outcry that the British version never did.  It would be impossible for either version to be viewed by Christians, with its depictions of drug dealing and abuse, sex and violence, sexual orientation dysfunction and foul language. However, if you have a television the possibility of your children finding it is very real.

Although fans of the series complain that the MTV version is tame companied to the British version they point out that BBC America has shown the more explicit British version already in the USA.





Catholics Unplug your Televisions


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